Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday (ok, maybe four)

I thought I would share with you four blogs that I really like lately!  Hope you all are having a great Thursday...almost Friday!!  Yay!!

What can I say about this blog....funny....clever...and super well written.  Read her most recent "Beaver" post....To frickin funny!

Speaking of clever.  This woman is a SUPER athlete...I mean like elite!  And she is my kind of crazy!  She has just the right amount of sense and nonsensical humor.  If you only take a look at one of these from this post...please read this one!  Plus she is a Lululemon ambassador, how cool is that??!!

I found this blog through another one of my favorites Feet Meet Street.  I love her writing style.  She is training for a marathon and her Daily Mile posts are super funny and inspirational.  This is the first post I read of hers...and after that I was hooked!  My only gripe is I wish she would post more often!

I just recently found this blog and I am really liking it.  She has some good information and I am definitely going to be reading her more!  Plus she does some cool running artwork!


  1. I will check them out! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I love blog shares! I'll check them out, thanks!

  3. thank you SO much for the kind words and link love! :) always happy to hear that u enjoy my words/art.