Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peanut Butter Pretzels, Pop Tarts, Oh MY!

Last week I ate a lot of junk!  I ate fast food one day, I ate huge portions, I snacked on everything in sight, ate too much sugar, and I even had a diet coke!  I felt like crap....I felt like I needed a break from the junk!  I don't know about you but when I eat like this I start feeling really puffy and bloated, and I have no energy!

Sunday I decided to do a week of eating healthy. Here are my "rules".....
-No sugar
-Only one carb a for example toast in morning counts as my carb, or a baked potato in evening counts as a carb...or a serving of crackers can count as a carb.
-No cheese or dairy (except for the small amount of 1/2 and 1/2 I put in my coffee every morning)

So you see it's not like a complete cleanse....but some of these, like eating less to almost no carbs and not eating cheese is pretty huge for me.  (I have somewhat of an addiction to cheese.)

So far so good.  Monday night we had a great chicken salad with tons of vegetables and Bragg dressing....Last night we had hamburgers without buns and oven baked french fries.  And tonight is baked chicken and....well I haven't figured out our side dish yet.

One thing about eating healthy....or going through a transition from eating junky to eating healthy is that is takes time.  You have to plan ahead, and you have to make sure you have snack options, and that you are still eating, just eating better.  I feel like I really should have given up meat for this week also, but I just didn't plan ahead at the market last week to have another option besides meat for my protein.

Any way....I am's hard to break the snacking habit!  Here at my work we have an area with snacks where the sales guys eat.  I keep my ice pack in their freezer and I have to walk by all that food a few times a day....pop tarts, peanut butter filled pretzels, cheese its, chips....there are so many temptations!  My go to now when I am feeling like this is water.  I just drink a big glass of water.  If I am still hungry after that than I will eat some nuts, or a piece of fruit.

Hopefully I can make it through this week and come out on the other end a little detoxed from the sugar, and hopefully I will continue on with the no snacking thing.  I know how I should eat, it's just so easy to indulge!


  1. I could not do the one carb a day or no cheese thing. There's no way. I commend your discipline.

    I snack a lot - try to make them healthy snacks of course - but I have found when I do not snack my energy levels are way too low and they affect my workouts. Some of that may be due to my mileage and lunch time workouts - I simply need more fuel - but I always have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack(s). Dan never snacks though. Like never ever. So I guess it just depends on the person!

    Our lunch break room is the same way. Filled with junk!

  2. I'm sitting here eating an apple thinking cheez-its sound so amazing right now, as does cheese itself! I follow way too many cooking blogs and get hungry just looking at the food.
    I think diet is so much harder than people think for athletes - you feel better but it's hard to get over the mental barrier that you are burning so many calories therefore you can eat what you want!
    Good luck this week and good for you!

  3. I completely agree. I am usually super good and then I fall off and am super bad. To prevent this I try to now never be super good. If I am never super good then I am almost never super bad :) I don't like depriving myself and I need and love my carbs- but I look at the portions. I read the nutritional information and I always try to get a bang for my calorie buck- like spinach salad and kale instead of iceberg. Whole wheat bread with flax seed added never white- no snackie snackies like all the crap of pretzels, chips, and salty preservative things. Fresh fruit and veggie juice and non fat yogurt and almonds and raisins for sweets and lots of water (and COFFEE!) I too love cheese. Life is too short. The cheese stays! I will just have a little less when it's racing season :)

  4. haha...okay, u kno i'm the queen of pop-tarts loving right? sooo, i have a hard time endorsing such strict dietary guidelines! lol...but really, it's all about balance. i kno that if i eat a ton of junk i eventually don't like the crappy feeling i get and crave the healthier fare. so give the body a shot to the heart of veggies/fruit/protein but cut urself a break sometimes too. :) #runhardeathard

  5. I love this post. I struggle myself with eating right mainly because I am just lazy lol. I do think eating better is smarter not just because it is healthier but because like you said, you just plain feel better. I have a lot of respect for you and this meal plan. Discipline is important and I am glad someone has it!

  6. Great willpower! I love doing that for a few days after too many days in a row of junk. Not sure I could ever do a real cleanse, but just some good old healthy eating always feels good!