Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Things Thursday

1.  The Brooks PURE Candence shoes are not working for me.  I am used to a twinge
 of pain in my shin or ankle at times, but I ran a track workout in them this morning and it felt like crap on my shins, knees, and ankle. SADLY & FRUSTRATINGLY I am on the search for a new shoe....some options I have before me:

Saucony Pro Grid Guide 5

Asics GT-2170
New Balance 870 V2
AHHHHHHH!!!  Too many choices!!!

2. My mom sent me a little hat for Frankie, he's so small it didn't really fit, but he was a trooper and let me get some pics.....

Never thought I would like/love a Chihuahua!!

3.  Every day this week felt like it should have been Friday...I so want this work week to be over!!!!


  1. I totally agree about it being Friday all week!

    Don't give up on Brook's. They are a great company and Eco friendy too.

    I run in the Brooks Adrenaline (road) and Brook's Adrenaline ASR (trail) and use Brooks pure cadence for my strength workouts. Like you, I tried running in them but my shins and feet did not approve. :)

    If you need a stability shoe (the pure cadence is one) then try the Adrenaline or Trance. The Trance is the high end more mileage version of the Adrenaline. I have run countless marathons though in my Adrenalines.

  2. Mizuno Wave Nirvanas are GREAT shoes that are adored by many. Give those a try, maybe? If you are a VIP member at Road Runner Sports, you can try shoes for 30 days and return them. You can become a VIP for the first year for like $2. Maybe you've already tried that and sorry if you have--I haven't been a reader very long yet!

  3. I wanted to reply to your comment via email but darn it I lost it! Gah! And I can't find yours on your site (morning brain?).

    I forgot to mention, I wear Superfeet in my Adrenalines because I have flat feet and usually have arch issue too (which is also a sign of very tight calves). I also have one hip/leg longer than the other and have to wear a small insert under my Superfeet. Just figured that one out so that could explain years of bad running. :-)

    No new suggestions today but I will work on it! Ha

  4. I too did not like the Brooks. The Saucony ended up hurting my heel. I like NIKE and Adidas, but shoes are so personal! I do know the Brooks gave me injury.