Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hood to Coast Controversy

I guess there was some controversy about how the Nuun Hood to Coast team was picked this year.  I personally didn't apply, but I saw a lot of video applications across the blog world.  I think it would be an amazing experience, and I wouldn't really care who was picked or why if I got picked myself, or if I submitted an application and wasn't picked.

I did see this video on a blog this morning, and it was quite funny!

Disclaimer: I don't have any interest in the whole controversy...and I don't have anything against anyone who ran the in the Nuun hood to coast team.  In fact I follow a few blogs of ladies who ran it, and I am happy they got picked, and look forward to reading their recaps. I think this is good video editing and a funny take on making light of a situation that has quite a few people fired up.


  1. Wow I didn't even hear about a controversy! I would love to run Hood to Coast one day!!

  2. Ha!
    I don't like Nuun so I have no chance of ever getting picked :)

  3. Haha, that was entertaining! Seems crazy that people ended up fired up!