Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. I was watching American's Got Talent the other night when this guy came on...
He had this sad story about being in the army in Afghanistan.  Supposedly he got blown up and suffered a spinal injury which affected his speech.  He had a stutter and said that his speech pathologist recommended singing to help him with it.  His story touched me, and his singing was really good.  I have to admit a tear came to my eye.
Turns out he might be lying....
What a shame!
So when this guy came on last night...
Again, his story really touched me...and his singing was AMAZING!  But I found myself doubting him.  Is his story real?

Damn fake army guy ruined it for me!

If you haven't listened to him, please take the time to do so, he is really good!

2. Saturday I am headed down to Austin to go to this:
Dane and Leann from my gym are competing, as well as some other people I work out with.  Should be an interesting day, and I promise to take pics this time!
Some of the events are kind of interesting....
They have an Interval run which seems to me to be the hardest (Sorry Erin I explained this one wrong to you this morning)

Here is how it goes:

Start in a static position at the start line. Cones are placed at interval levels of 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, and 34 yards from the start line. Test monitor will start the run with a whistle. Run to the first cone (level 1 at 16 yards) and touch the line with your foot. Turn and run back, crossing the start line with some part of your body. Test monitor will whistle to start the next interval (level 2 at 18 yards). Each interval must be completed in ten seconds, and there is a ten-second-recovery period to return to the start position. You will progress through each interval until you can no longer finish in the designated time. Score is the last level completed (1-10).

They have another one where you have to do the most amount of burpees in a minute.  (I would hate this one!!)

The person who wins or scores the highest will be named the most fittest person in Austin!

3. True Blood starts this weekend and HBO is having a free preview weekend!
There haven't been too many shows I have liked lately on I am glad one of my favorites is coming back!

4. This morning I joined the Runtex Georgetown group for a progressive tempo on the gravel trail on the park.  The loop is 1.6 miles.  We were supposed to do the first lap at marathon pace, second at 10K pace, and third at 5k pace.

I started out with a 7:48 pace for the first loop and decided to make it progressive by the mile after that until I reached 4 miles. So my splits for the last 2 miles were 7:29/7:16.  I tried to keep the same distance between Erin and I, which really helped me keep my pace.  It was humid, and the gravel trail has some soft spots.  Totally pain free (physically) run so I can't complain. And 7 mid week miles is always nice!  I do have to say that the humidity is SAPPING my energy lately.  I swear my legs feel like I am wading through water every time I run.  Mentally it's messing with me, so I really need to just push through it, and I am really hoping my body starts acclimating.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am off work tomorrow so today is my friday!  Woo-hoo!


  1. This weather really kills me too!! It does get to your head - but just think of how much stronger and faster you will be when it gets cooler again, at least that's what I tell myself.
    That fitness contest looks cool - you are you competing in it or just spectating? Good luck if you are!

  2. Shame on that guy for lying! That's horrible!

    How cool would it be to be named Austin's Fittest? Quite the honor in a very fit city. I would suck at the Interval Run. Intense sprints and I do not get along :)

    Nice to have you join us this morning!! :)