Saturday, June 9, 2012

Austin Magazine Fit Challenge: Or How I Spent Most of Today

This morning I woke up bright and early to go to the Austin Magazine Fit Challenge at Camp Mabry here in Austin.  Dane's Body Shop had a team competing, and they were also sponsoring one of the events so I volunteered to work the event with them.

The challenge consisted of 11 different events

Let me introduce you to team Dane's Body Shop!

Each person competed in a certain event.  It was a super team and I am happy to say that they won first place in the team division!!

(Thanks Jessica for providing most of the pics!)

Our sponsored event was the 40 yard dash

Being a runner, it was a fun event to watch/help with. 

One of the hardest events, besides the mile challenge, had to be the pull ups...

There were some guys who did 25+...pretty amazing!
Really all the events were fun to watch.  There was some tough competition!

We had a really great time and it was really great to see everyone from the gym coming together to support the team.

Jessica came out for a bit too!

So to say the least a day in 90+ weather out in the sun and I am WIPED out!
I came home and the dogs were stir crazy, and there was no way I was going to I loaded them up and took them to the baseball field to run...

I felt like the crazy dog lady with them all in the back of the small car.  They had fun though. (I would have taken some pics of them running around like crazy...but it's kind of hard to carry camera/cell while holding 4 leashes)

Now it's on to a glass of wine and some time on the couch watching TV....I am exhausted!


  1. You got some great photos from what looks like a fun event! Love the photos of the dogs - little Frankie cranks me up with all of those big dogs :)

  2. When I look at that pic of the doggies, all I can think is "DOG BREATH." haha but they sure are cute. My 9 year old says our beagle has "turbo jets on his breath" because no matter how far away she sits from him, she says she can still feel and smell his breath, which I thought was just hilarious. The fit challenge looks like a fun day. It was super hot here too, so hats off to those people for competing when it was so hot out.