Monday, June 4, 2012

Family addition.....

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and went running at Town Lake with Jessica.
(Not my picture, but this is what the trail looks like)

We did 5 miles in SUPER humid weather.  All in all not a bad run.  I brought Cooter along and he really slowed down the last 2 we were a little slow at the end but we got the miles in averaging 8:30-9 minute mile pace.

Saturday afternoon we had a meeting with a local dog rescue organization to adopt a dog.  They adopt dogs out of the local shelter, work with them on house training, etc...and then find families for them. 

This is Sahara...she is 3 months old.  They say she is an Akita mix. Though I think she looks more like an Anatolian Shepard.

Sunday we woke up early and took the dogs to the river.  They loved it!  Wish I had pics to share....And Sunday afternoon we took Phene to the local pool...

She is getting a lot more comfortable in the water.  She is definitely ready for swimming lessons starting next week!

Sunday afternoon I took Sahara on her first was 90 degrees and super hot so went pretty slow, but she did really well!  Her first 1/2 mile!
And she is so pick her up and she immediately hugs you and rests her head on your shoulder.  She is the calmest puppy I have ever met.
We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at our local Mexican restaurant with our friend Erin and her husband Dan.
(Hey Erin, maybe we should start taking pics when we do stuff like dinner so we have something to post! :)

Workout plans this week:
Monday - Dane's Lower Body + 2 Mile Run (done)
Tuesday - Dane's Upper Body + 2 Mile Run
Wednesday - Dane's Core Fusion + 2 Mile Run
Thursday - RunTex Group (hopefully 5+ miles)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - ?
Sunday - 5 Mile run with Jessica

Last week I logged 20 miles!  I am SUPER excited to be getting more miles in fairly pain free.  I just need to keep up with my roll outs and stretching!

Have a good week all!!!

Oh and if you haven't had a chance check out this show on the history channel! Thoroughly entertaining and a great story!


  1. I'm so bad about getting pictures! I always think "next time I should bring my camera" and always either forget my camera or to take pictures. Would have loved to have gotten some pictures from dinner. Next time :)

    Hooray for a 20 mile week! That's awesome!

    Can wait to meet the new addition :)

  2. Great job on the 20 mile week! And your pup is too sweet!

    Keep on celebrating each pain free run girl, you have to! Last week was my first over 20 mile week, 21 miles and I was ecstatic. It takes time to rebuild but the reward is so sweet!

    I've heard great things about that show, will definitely have to check it out!

  3. awwwwww cute doggy!!! Congrats on your 20 mile week! Definitely not an easy accomplishment with it being so hot and humid out, so keep up the good, solid work. I also am horrible about taking pics for the blog. I never think about it until after whatever interesting event has occurred. Oh well. That's what's great about the can always "borrow" other people's photos to supplement. :-)