Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Recap Three Days Too Late

My weekend recap, better late than never!

*Friday I took a 1/2 day and went to Phene's school for their end of year picnic.  They let all the smaller kids play at the "big" kids playground so she was pretty excited.  Plus they had cupcakes which makes every kid happy!
*Friday night our RunTex Georgetown group met up for happy hour at a local cafe.  We had a pretty good showing.  And Jessica came up from Austin which was nice.  We had a lot of good conversation and lots, probably too much good beer.
We sat out in this cafes patio area.  Which was nice, because it was shaded and there was a good breeze. We were the only people out there until this guy walks out with a purse.  I am not talking about a fanny pack, I am talking about a large purse, almost like a bowling bag purse.  He sits down and orders a beer and opens up his purse and takes a small kitten out.  Now this may not sound creepy, but it was...Here is this guy, by himself, at happy hour, with a kitten in a purse.  By the time I got the idea to take a pic the kitten was on the ground and someone had sat down with him.  See the tan purse?  Guess it was one of those moments you had to see in person.
*Saturday morning I met Jessica at the Wilco Park for a 5 mile run.  A few people from our run group run out in this area, and we wanted to try something new.  It was an ok route.  Part of it was a mulch trail which was nice, but to get the miles in you kind of had to loop around, which I didn't like.  I don't think we will be running this route again anytime soon.  (I need to start taking pics of our runs, I just hate carrying my cell phone around with me!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Blue Hole for an afternoon of swimming.

*Sunday we went swimming again, and did stuff around the house

*Monday Jessica and I met up again for a run in Georgetown.  Instead of our normal out and back in the park, we decided to tackle the outer loop hill.  It's about a 2.5 mile run to get to it, and it's about 1/4 of a mile long.  But it's one of those hills that goes on and on and gets really a lot steeper at the end. (Again , wish I had some pics).  We were planning on about 5 miles again but ended up with 6.2.  It was a hard run and really humid, but I was happy that I got two sort of longish runs in on the weekend.

So that was my Memorial Day Weekend.

My workout plans this week:
Monday - 6.2 mile run
Tuesday - Danes Upper Body Fusion (done)
Wed - Dane's Core Fusion + 2 mile run (done)
Thursday - Run Group? or Danes Lower Body Fusion + 2 Mile Run
Friday - Danes Upper Body Fusion
Saturday - 5 Mile Run with Jessica @ Town Lake

My mileage is increasing and I do have to say that I have been getting some tightness in my calves again.  I have started rolling out more which I hope helps.  Per my Runner's World mileage tracker I did 18 miles last week.  I really would like to step it up to 20 and hold that for a month and see how it goes.  I think that this time around if I want the miles I will need to work on it on the back end with roll outs, stretching, and I will need to fit that one day of yoga in.

Hope everyone's week is going well.

I have some exciting news on the race front which I will share with you later this week!


  1. The guy and his man purse was creepy. He may have saved some points with me had a dog been in his purse...but cat? No.

    The inner loop is a great hill to run. I try to end most of my runs coming up that hill. It's a beast but will make you stronger!

  2. hmmm well to give the creepy guy the benefit of the doubt, maybe that purse was his lady friend's, and she had to make a phone call right as they were getting ready to head into the bar, so Creepy Dude said he would go ahead into the bar. But she said "We can't leave kitty in the car while we are in the bar, and kitty will drive me crazy while I am on the phone," so Creepy Dude said he would take kitty into the bar, and then she said, "here, put kitty in my purse and save me a spot. I will be in after a while." There. Yes let's just imagine that was it because even though it still is kind of weird, it isn't quite as creepy.

  3. ah poo...i just typed out this long possible explanation for the Creepy Dude's behavior with the cat and the purse and what not, but I got an error when I hit submit. Anyhoo, good luck with your mileage increase. I have heard wonders about rolling so hopefully that will do the trick for ya.

  4. oh look, my comment appeared anyway! now you have a triple whammy.

  5. Wait! A guy with cat in a purse? HYSTERICAL!!!!