Thursday, May 24, 2012

Early Retirement, Races, Plans, Etc...

The week has gone really well so far, though I have to say I am not quite in the swing of waking up early again. 

Here are my workouts completed this week and plans for weekend:
Monday - Dane's Lower Body Fusion +1.9 mile run (DONE)
Tuesday - Run Tex Group 5 miles (DONE)
Wednesday - Dane's Core Fusion +.37 miles in workout (DONE)
Thursday - Dane's Lower Body Fusion + 2 Miles (DONE)
Friday - Much needed rest
Saturday - 5 mile run with Jessica
Sunday - ?

I should be up to 15 miles this week, which was exactly my plan.  I would like to increase my miles by one mile every week until I am up to 20 miles a week again.  I have 3 Races on my calendat that I need to start training for.

This will be more of a fun run, as it is at night...and well I hope there is a margarita involved!

Toughest 10K in Texas July
This is a small town race that I ran last year in 45:43 (my PR in a 10K)
I am hoping to set a new record this year

This one is August like the title says it will be hot!!  I will be doing the 1/2 in this race.

I am excited to be making some plans to run some longer distance races later this year.  My dear dear friend Wilma and I have been talking about maybe meeting up later in the year for a 1/2 and 10K. Maybe this one in October?  This would be a fun one, since Wilma is from New Orleans, and Sean and I can make it a mini-vacation :)

Or my friend Erin is running this race...would love to join her, just have to figure out how to get the $ for airfare, etc...

My dream race this year, which I won't be able to afford is....

Not only would this be a fun race because it's a Lululemon race and you get some special edition's in Canada!  Perhaps I can start saving for 2013?

I am on the lookout for perhaps a fall or winter marathon or 1/2....just depends if my body cooperates!

Speaking of body cooperating :(
Cooter is still limping....I got him the wax/cream for his paws which I have been using...he has no I don't know what it is at this point.  For the first mile of any of our runs he is fine, but after that he is limping. His toenails look a little long, so I am going to go get them cut today or tomorrow, and maybe give him a few days off.  I have really been enjoying running with him, and I will be sad if he has to take an early retirement so soon in his runnign career!

Have a good Thursday all!!!


  1. Poor Cooter! Hope he can return to running soon. He's such a sweet dog.

    I signed up for Lampassas as well! It was dirt cheap - you hardly ever find 10k's for only $20!

    Lots of good options for Fall/Winter marathons and half marathons. This will be our 5th year strong at San Antonio in November. We are due for good weather this year!

  2. I would LOVE to run the Lululemon race - I saw that earlier this year and it immediately went on my to do list!!
    I did the Hottest Half last year and you could not pay me enough to do it again. It's an experience I will be happy to have just once! It's a great race and my boyfriend wants to do it so I may be out there cheering!
    You should look into doing the 4 seasons challenge - Big D, Texas Half, Hottest Half and Tyler Rose - I did that and it was a fun way to earn some extra medals!

  3. Here is the link to the Texas Half
    You can also find all the information here: