Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shock Absorber....

This week I bought a new sports bra at Title Nine here in Austin. 

I love Title Nine...their return policy is second to none, and they have a wide array of sizes.  I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought from there.

For the last few years I have been wearing this bra....
It's made by Moving Comfort and it's been a great bra.  It is SUPER supportive and really comfortable.'s not racerback and honestly it's not the most flattering bra.  I recently acquired a few racerback tanks, and I really would like to wear them.

So, I was on the hunt for a racerback bra that would provide ample support.

I tried on this one:
It was comfortable, racerback....but geez the straps were so wide.  There is no way this would look right with a tank.

I tried on this one:
It would have been perfect, but it wasn't a racerback.

What was cool about both the above bras is that they had velcro straps, so you could really crank these on tight.  I think that's a great feature.

I finally settled on this one.....

It's made by a new bra company in the UK.  What I liked about it right away was that it did not have an underwire but still felt like it supported and reduced bounce.  The back clasp is a little bit of a pain and I will have to get used to it, but otherwise this bra is really comfortable and really does live up to it's name "Shock Absorber".

The only downside so far is that it cost A LOT!  Luckily I had a store credit with Title Nine to offset the $79.99 price tag!!!

I recommend checking out Title Nine if you are looking for a sports bra.  They have a great selection.  And if you wear it, and you don't like it, they will take itback no questions....better than Lululemon's policy for sure!


  1. Holy shit that's an expensive bra! (Un?)fortunately, I don't need much support with my teenage boobs, so I can get away with the cheapies.

  2. I like Title Nine too. No stores here though but they aw awesome with returns even online too. I have that moving comfort with the large straps. It was my post baby bra. Works great if you can get used to the straps.

    I recently just tossed all my Target uni-boob bras as I found one I love by Lululemon called the Tatta Tamer! $54 and it can change to a racer back too for tanks etc. it lifts and supports! Makes my girls look my 20 year old self again. Ha ha