Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Gloom

*We are almost finished watching Game of Thrones Season 1.  Love, love this show!
My favorite characters so far are Tyrion Lannister and Eddard Stark.  It's been awhile since I have enjoyed a series so much...thanks goodness because we were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for shows to watch!

*It's getting hotter here in TX.
I am really missing California weather.  What I wouldn't give for a day of June gloom. (Sounds bad, but really it's not!  In San Diego in the mornings until about noon it is overcast and kind of chilly.  Later in the day the clouds burn off, but these mornings would be perfect for running!)

*Workout Plans for this week....
Monday - P90X Yoga (done)
Tuesday - 2K repeats with Run Tex group 6 miles total (done)
Wednesday - Dane's Core Fusion + 2 Mile run with Cooter (done)
Thursday - Dane's Lower Body Fusion + 2 Mile Run
Friday - Dane's Upper Body Fusion + 2 Mile Run
Saturday - 6 miles Town Lake with Jessica
Sunday - easy 2 mile run

I really would like to get 20 miles this week, and in a perfect world would love to get 25...but I had a rocky start this week and didn't get to run on Monday.  So, I will have to shoot for 25 next week.

*Ever psyche yourself out about a race?  Well, in about 2 weeks I am participating in the Toughest 10K in Lampasas.  Last year I ran it in 45:43.  It is one of the hardest 10k's I have done.  It's hill after hill, and last year it was pretty warm.  I really would like to get a better time this year and honestly it's making me feel really pressured.  I want to say I will just run it and enjoy it, have fun, blah, blah....but I know myself and I know I will be disappointed if I don't make it in under 45:43.  I haven't run many hills lately, or pretty much at all in the last 6 months. I hope I am strong enough from all my cross training to conquer this race.  I am happy though that Jessica and Erin will be running it with me this year....misery loves company :)

*Phene has been having a hard time at daycare lately.  She doesn't want to go, and a few times she has cried when we have left her in the morning.  As if I don't feel guilty enough for leaving there all day when I work! It just breaks my heart sometimes.  I am hoping it's just a phase and she goes back to looking forward to school/daycare.

That's all I have for today.  Thank goodness the week is half over!


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  1. I am sorry to hear Phene has been having a hard time at daycare :(. I can imagine how hard it is to leave her when she doesn't want to go.

    I think you will surprise yourself at Lamapasas. The cross training pays off more than you think. Going into last weekend's race I had not been running hills much either but they ended up being non-issues, which I attribute to cross training. So basically I am saying you will kick butt :)