Monday, July 2, 2012


Ahh weekends...they go by SO fast!

Saturday found me down at Town Lake for an early run with Jessica.  Before I got out of the car I looked at the weather....79 degrees and 89% humidity.  Summer is here and in full swing!
I was there a little early so I ran a short .89 miles and took some time to roll out and stretch.  I am glad I did because my calves have been a little tight lately.
I met up with Jessica at 7 and we ran an easy 6 miles. 
Jessica made a good point that we should probably take photos BEFORE running, not after when we are barely breathing and sweating half to death!

I took a quick shower after and worked the rest of the day at a local kids consignment sale to help out the ladies who run it.  I was on my feet for 8 hours straight, so to say the least I was exhausted!

Sean took Phene down to Austin to ride the train at Zilker Park....

Sunday Sean and I ran an easy 3 in the morning and spent the rest of the day cleaning house and running errands...nothing exciting.

Workout plans for this week:
Monday - Dane's Lower Body (done)
Tuesday - 1600's with run group -6 miles?
Wednesday - day off of work so maybe yoga?
Thursday - Dane's Lower Body + 2 mile run
Friday - Dane's Upper Body + 2 mile run
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday - 3 mile run

Begin rant
Now on to something that is bothering me...or I guess we can call this something that I realized.
Please see pic below.
(Please excuse my wrinkly elbows)
I was taking some pics of some stuff I am going to sell on ebay this week and I came across this picture while listing...keep in mind that the shirt is a sz 2 which is very tight on me as I usually wear a sz 4.  BUT, I see you?
I am by no means fat...and I consider myself pretty fit.
I barely eat sugar, no candy (or VERY rarely, I am talking maybe a few times a year), no soda, I don't eat tons of processed food, I try to eat a lot of vegetables, I drink a crap-ton of water....All in all I am pretty healthy.
I do deprive myself of things I want or crave.  I feel like I am conscious of what I eat.
So, in my mind I think I shouldn't have much fat on my body.
But...I have this middle area that I just can't seem to get rid of.  And on this pic, I really see it, and I really don't like it.
My realization was that what I do need to be more watchful of is my portions.  I hate dieting, and I refuse to do it, but I know my portion control...well it's out of control.
Sometimes I think that having a child really messed with the way I eat regarding portions. I feel like I ate a lot of everything when I was pregnant, and I continued that for a year after while I breastfed, and after that....well it became a habit of sorts to eat a lot.
I don't want to stress over my weight or a little fat....I hate being that person.  But I am not going to deny that I feel self conscious sometimes and I feel frustrated at the same time because I feel like I do the right things for the most part.
For the most part is probably not enough.
Do any of you eat a lot of something you know you probably shouldn't be eating?
I have to say that one of my greatest weakness' is cheese.  I eat WAY too much cheese.
End rant

I hope you all have a safe 4th of July!


  1. I think we are definitely our own harshest critics. I am being completely honest when I say I had to look at the picture for awhile and very closely to realize what you were even talking about - and, I think the general nature of fitting run gear isn't flattering to anyone (especially once soaked in sweat and they cling to you for dear life). I know it's not on me. I wouldn't have noticed anything in the picture had I not been trying to search it out, but I understand where you are coming from (I always feel extremely self conscious at triathlons decked out in spandex, especially with the fitness level at some of those races).

  2. I find that even when I'm at my fittest, I still have that little bit of pudge in the love-handle area. It's maddening and frustrating. I'm on a mission to get rid of it.

    But I do have to chime in with Erin and sway I had to look before I figured out what you were talking about:)


  3. Please are you kidding me? You make my muffin top look like loaves of bread. Just keep eating healthy and exercising and don't fret over some non-existent flaw. You look great. Life's too short to pick apart your body because you will always find something to be unsatisfied with. Look at the big picture and just keep doing what you are doing!! (and yes, I need to take my own advice!)

  4. Girl, I wish my back side looked like that! But I get it. I totally do. I just signed up for a strength class that runs biggest loser style with weigh ins etc. I will probably be the "thinnest" one there but not fittest or toned and that is my goal.

    And I cannot agree more about the portion control thing post kids. For me, it was also post marriage! Lol

  5. Yes we are all hard on ourselves, but if it truly bothers you then it bothers you. Portions are crucial!!! That's my biggest problem too. I eat perfect- but I like a big full plate and a BIG glass of wine and yes cheese is just not worth not having! So what's a girl to do? Try cutting portions before removing taste. Measure your breakfast and lunch and relax more at dinner. Your cardio may need a boost. Power sessions like sprints, hill repeats and explosion exercises go a long way in body transformation. And if you really want that mid section toned- you gotta do core work often. 4 times a week. It doesn't even take all tha much, but you gotta do it. 15-20 min a day of abdominals and planks makes a big difference. I promise.