Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the Bandwagon...3 Things Thursday

1. I hate semi trucks at rush hour!  I don't get it....I was listening to talk radio the other day (yep, I listen to talk radio...I am getting old!) and they were saying that to thin the rush hour traffic out a little they are going to be reducing the tolls for semis.  See, there is a toll road that runs north and south and goes around Austin.  It adds about 10-15 miles on but it's usually pretty empty and a lot faster.  So, I am wondering why they aren't taking it?

This picture isn't very good....but I am telling you it is always a WALL of semis in the middle lane.  It makes it almost impossible to change lanes and really clogs up the road at a bad time!

2.  Though I bitch about the lack of mountains in TX, and the god forsaken humidity and heat....There are some AMAZING blue skies!
This is on the small country road to my house.  Yesterday as I saw this driving home I realized I need to stop and smell the roses more.

3.I am on the third Hunger Games book and I am loving it!  I read that book 2 was boring and I found it to be really good...I am kind of sad that there isn't a 4th one.  What will I read next?  Does this make me a teeny bopper?  I know they are teenager books, but the story is exceptional, and the characters are SO endearing!  I can't wait until they come out with the 2nd movie!


  1. You need to come over to my house - I have books galore :) I have some good ones for you!

  2. I really didn't like the third book but thought the second was great. I lived in Colorado for many years before moving to Texas. I can't say I miss running mountains...but I miss the view!

  3. I was just talking to my mom about the tolls and the semis! I think they should have reduced or free tolls... it's seriously the only way to get them off IH35. They are money driven and paying that much money to go around town is not in their game plan.