Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Can Only Take So Much

Let me preface this by saying I am in a good mood today.  This post is no reflection of how I feel.  I actually feel pretty good.  I ran 5 pain free miles this morning, I am flying through my work, the sun is shining, the birds are singining....any way you get the point.

  • I hate ice chewers.  The occasional ice chewers, and the aholes here at work that chew ice for 9 hours straight.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I hope their teeth fall out.  Ice chewing rates right up there with people who smack their gum.  I don't know which I dislike more.
  • Speaking of dislike....I have been debating with myself lately....which is worse.  Scorpions or Poison Ivy?  Recently both have made their way in to my everday life and I am none the better for it!  Poor Phene has a pretty good poison ivy rash, and scorpions have literally been falling from the sky in my house.  Death to both I say!  If I had the means I would buy a head to toe poison ivy suit and travel the country burning the sh$$ to the ground.  And as for the scorpions....I would like to do something similar, but perhaps I would collect their bodies and pile them up in my yard, and sprinkle a little gas on them and BAM!  watch them burn.  You may say I am being dramatic....but if you have ever dealt with these fuck$ you would understand and perhaps want to do the same.
  • Calf cramps?  I have NEVER got a cramp before...side cramps yes, but never a leg cramp.  Yesterday during my workout at Dane's while doing a medicine ball sit up hub/spoke...I got my first calf cramp!  And it hurt...luckily it went right away, but now my calves are really tight.  Even after rolling the crap out of them last night.  Maybe it was the box jump burpees.
  • Speaking of burpees.  I f*n hate them.  They are hard, they make me feel like I am hyperventilating, and I am always SO glad when that part of our workout is over.  Who the f thought up box jump burpees?  Sadistic bastard!
As you can see I used a lot of profanity today.  It was necessary and I apologize ahead of time if you were offended.


  1. Death to scorpions! Apparently, fried up they taste like shrimp... I wouldn't know, but my husband would.. LOL

  2. Yay! You're showing up in my google reader now :) Lulu chases and tries to eat the scorpions in our neck of the words...she's our live in raccoon. I get calf cramps when I swim sometimes...they are painful!

  3. Well I don't have much experience with ice chewers, though I am sure they would annoy the hello out of me....but omg the gum poppers! I canNOT STAND that...it gets on every last nerve in my body...I mean...why oh why would a full-grown adult corporate professional person pop gum in the middle of a business meeting??????? I also have never gotten leg cramps, but I am sure my time is a' coming. I must admit, however, I was ignorant of what a burpee was, and I had to google it but now I see it is a thing I would do in yoga and yeah...they suck.

  4. Ok, Superwoman, runs, burpees and scorpion destroyer...what next? I can't keep up, hahaha...we'll just meet for a 5K and spend the rest of the afternoon taste-testing margaritas somewhere :) Or, sampling a bloody mary here and there...it's like tomato juice, right??? :)