Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dogs Have Injuries Too

The other night as I was bringing the dogs in the bedroom to go to sleep Sean mentioned to me that Cooter was limping. I didn't think much of it. Our dogs play pretty rough, and I thought maybe one of them bit him, or he stepped on something....I really didn't think about it again...until.....The next day we went on our regular 2 mile run and I noticed he was limping again! 

When I got in to the office (where he spends the day under my deks) I carefully looked over each leg, paw, and hip.  There was no soreness and no tenderness at all.  I was hoping it was just a fluke.

The next day we went on another 2 mile run, and there was that limp again.  I stopped on the sidewalk and made him lay down, and this is what I saw...a small little crack.....
I pushed on it and pulled it apart.  Again no tenderness, but this is the foot he is limping on.

I gave him a day break and put some ointment in the crack last night.  This morning he came with me and we did our usual 2 mile run.  He was fine, seemed happy, alert, ran fast, but there was that darn limp!

We are 3 days away from our 5k race.  Now I feel like maybe he shouldn't run it?  Maybe we could go slow?  I am going to give him the next few days off.  And not take him out on the concrete at all.  I am also going to go get some liquid bandage and apply it to the crack.

Darn it....Injuries suck!  My injuries, Cooter's injuries....I hate being sidelined. And I feel like Cooter and I have been working hard this month, and we are getting faster...then this happens!!!

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  1. Oh no! Poor Cooter! I wish this darn injury bug that is plaguing everyone would go away :(