Monday, April 23, 2012

Nobody Like Me, Everybody Hates Me....

Workout plan for this week:
Monday-Dane's Hybrid Fusion
Tuesday-3-4 mile run
Wednesday-Dane's Core Fusion
Thursday-Dane's Lower Body Fusion +2 mile run
Friday-Dane's Upper Body fusion+2 mile run
Sunday-Schlotszkys 5k

Weekends go by so fast!  It seems like there is never enough time to get all the stuff I want to do done!

I woke up early Saturday morning and met Jessica at the park for a 4 mile run. I haven't had a run over 2 miles for a week or so, so I guess this could be considered my long run for the week.  It went well, I felt strong, and I had minimal to no pain.  We went at a slower pace than I have been running lately.  You would think running slower would be easy, but it's not.  I seem to feel a lot less pain in my hip and calves if I run faster.  The 8:30-9 minute pace really effects me afterwards.  My hip was a little off for the rest of the day.

We had another bday to attend for one of Phene's classmates so that took up most of our mid day.  Went to dinner, did grocery shopping, and came home.  We rented Mission Impossible and I was asleep on the couch by 9.

Sunday I did p90x yoga and in the afternoon we went down to Barton Springs.  We decided to bring Cooter as he is the most well behaved of our 3 dogs. 

This area is an off leash dog area.  So it's a little hectic with dogs running all over the place.  It had some shallow areas so Phene could stand and play in the water.  I think she liked it, but she was very nervous and I think just exhausted herself by worrying about losing her footing or falling.  It made me realize she is a lot like me.  I am not a brave person, more of a nervous person when it comes to new things.  I am hoping the more time we spend in the water this summer, the more she will relax. Plus, we are signing her up for swimming lessons at her daycare, so I am sure that will help.

Cooter was perfect and stayed right next to us.  We have never brought him to an area with water and he did really well, and I think he liked it.  I look forward to him accompanying us on our swimming trips this year.

And that was my weekend, and now I am back here at work :(

This coming up Sunday is the 5K I am going to run with Cooter.  I am getting a little nervous.  Tomorrow I plan on running 3-4 miles with 2 of the miles being at 5k pace.  I feel like we need to see where we are at time wise.  He's been running with me after my workouts at Dane's and we have been averaging about 7:30 pace for 2 miles.  Not bad, but I would like to run 7:15-7:20.  I think we are close enough where that's possible.  Hopefully like me, he will get a little pumped up with it being a race, and he will be able to give it a little more!

BTW, I think switching my blog name has made my posts hard to find.  I was looking at my page views and I went from about 30 a day to 2-3 a day.  So, please make sure you are following me at my new address.  Which you can see in address bar above :)

Have a great week all!!!

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  1. None of your posts are showing up in my news feed :(. I un-followed you and then re-followed you so hopefully that will work! Weird. I am excited for you and Cooter on Sunday! Good luck!