Monday, March 19, 2012

What a week/weekend

Last week just seemed so hectic!
Sean took the kids Tuesday to his mom's house for the week.
And you would think without children that life would be less stressful, but last week I felt like I was constantly running around and didn't get a second to breathe!

I did about 10 miles last week. All in all my runs were pretty painless. Though my hip felt a little weird after my 4 mile run on Friday. I stretched a lot and rolled out...but unfortunately it hurt a little all weekend. I did a core class on Saturday morning at Dane's and we were throwing a medicine ball sideways across to a partner...well let's just say my hip was not happy for the rest of the day. I did yoga yesterday, which helped a little.

It's so frustrating because now it's my other hip! I have a 10k this Sunday, so let's hope I can make it. I am so exhausted from being injured or hurting and worrying about it.

Here is my plan for this week:
Monday - Dane's Lower Body Fusion + 1 mile run (done)
Tuesday - Dane's Upper Body Fusion + 2 mile run
Wednesday - 4 mile run
Thursday - Dane's Lower Body Fusion
Friday - 3-4 mile run
Saturday - Yoga
Sunday - Cap10K

Busy week!

Life (bullet post)

  • Phene's 3rd birthday party is on the 31st. I am really hoping the weather cooperates. We have some family coming in to town and all in all I am sure it's going to be stressful. It will be the first party she has had friends come to which should be interesting. We are getting a bouncy house, pizza, cake, etc... Trying to keep it as simple as possible.

  • I just finished the first book in the Hunger Games series. And as much as I hate to buy in to the hype, it is a great read! I can't wait to see the movie!

  • Winter might be officially over here in Texas. It was such a mild winter :( The humidity and 70 degree temps are here! Yuck!

Wow, quite a boring post....have to get to work, have a good week all!

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  1. Darn hips!! I'm sorry to hear your other hip is bothering you now. I can imagine how frustrating that is. Hopefully it's just a small irriation from bootcamp.

    You'll do better than you think at Cap10K - you're tough. Let's hope some of this humidity takes a hike before Sunday!