Monday, March 12, 2012


Well first and foremost the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was running 4 miles pain free! This is the longest run I have done in MONTHS! It was great, hard, but great! I rolled out and stretched really good ahead of time which I am sure helped. (Did I tell you rolling out is like the bane of my existence right now!? I know it helps but the 10+ minutes it takes kills me!) I took my great dane Sookie with me, which was a good distraction. This was her first 4 mile run, and by mile 3 she was dragging and I was pulling, but she made it. It was so funny because the last .2 miles I let her go, because she was really slowing down....and as soon as I let go of the leash she sat down...and didn't move. She was tired! And honestly I was tired too, but I felt great, and felt so thankful for a pain free run.

Ok on to the rest of the weekend...

Saturday I woke up early and went to Be Happy Yoga at Moshka. It was another great class. This teacher is AMAZING and so strong! She really pushes you physically and mentally. Towards the end of the class we worked on inversions, which are not my favorite. I was dreading it because last week she had me do a hand stand...and honestly, I get scared. My arms get wobbly and it just really pushes me beyond my comfort level. This week was easier, and I felt a little less scared because we were against the wall, but it still gets to me mentally a little. And though I don't like it, I know it's good for me. I am sad that I only have one
class left :( 

We couldn't really do much on Saturday because the weather was miserable. But Sunday afternoon it cleared up in to the most beautiful day. Sean took Phene to a classmates bday party and I got some house cleaning in (and my run).

Here is Phene ready for the party....

Did I mention that I hate this time change thing?  Grrr....losing an hour this weekend was harder than I thought!  I am tired!!!

Here is my workout plan for this week:
Sunday-4 mile run (done)
Monday-Danes Lower Body Fusion Workout
Tuesday-3 or 4 mile run
Wednesday-Danes Core Fusion Workout
Thursday-Danes Lower Body Fusion Workout
Friday-3 or 4 mile run
Saturday-Danes Core Fusion Workout

I need to start stepping my mileage up a little because I have the CAP10K on the 25th.  My first race in awhile, and I am a little anxious about it.  Jessica will be running it with me, which will help.  I know it's not going to be a 10K PR for me, but I hope to at least run 8.30 miles without hurting myself.


  1. Oh my gosh, she is adorable!!!

    And I feel your "jean pain" by the way. Years ago, I trained for a half ironman (prekids) and had to wear SKIRTS all summer my thighs got too big. Everyone thought it was "great" but I hated it and I hated skirts.

    I am looking to add yoga back into my regular routine. My problem is just making the time for it. As we ahem, get older, I think stretching is becoming a lot more important. I have the same arm problems. I cannot "work" them without being too overly sore and I mean for days!!

    Hope you get your pain free miles in!!

  2. Doesn't it feel great to run pain free? I appreciate running a lot more now after being injured, and the runs that go well like yours did are the BEST! Super excited to hear it! YAY!! Hope you can come back to run group soon, we miss you!