Friday, March 9, 2012

In the most amazing places......

I was over here yesterday....and reading about how bootcamp exercises/classes can perhaps start increasing the size of your legs making your pants fit tighter. And to embrace this change.

All I have to say is yeah for tight jeans (in my most sarcastic voice)

I couldn't find anything to wear this morning. All my jeans felt I couldn't even button, and the one I ended up wearing is uncomfortable and I feel like crap.

Don't you hate that? When you end up wearing something that is just unflattering that you feel uncomfortable in? Ughh.....

Luckily I have my running/workout clothes and I will be changing in to them in a second. Not because I am going running, but because I can't stand these clothes any longer. (Luckily at my work, as long as it's decent, I can wear whatever I want.)

It's been one of those weeks for me.

I have been pretty humorless....pretty anxious...tired...just pissy.

I did see this though on Pinterest this morning. Don't know why but it made me smile. (Sometimes you have to take humor where you can get it)

So the soreness from Monday and Tuesday's workout turned in to swelling Tuesday night. Both of my upper arms got extremely swollen and painful. Thursday when I went to class thankfully we did all lower legs and I was ok. But sadly I had to cancel my participation in the class today because it's upper body fusion. So much for 4 days a week. My arms are still weird and I can't straighten them all the! I am hoping yoga tomorrow helps.

Thank god it's Friday....I mean really, this week has been SO long....and drawn out....

Oh one good thing...great thing...I got my passport!!! Jamaica here we come!


  1. Can you fit me in your suitcase for Jamaica?? :)

    Probably a good call to skip Upper Body Fusion - swelling is not good :(. Hope you feel better!

    It takes me about 2 seconds once I get home from before before I'm either in workout pants or pajama pants :)