Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Only Hear What I Want To

I have a little ranting and raving to do today....

* So yesterday after my lower body fusion class I asked the teacher a question about the cardio value of his workouts. I guess what I am trying to find out is how many days I need to run to keep in good cardio shape, while still getting in as many workouts for my dollar at his gym. I know I breathe hard and I sweat a lot in the classes but is it an equatable workout to running or the elliptical?

I was telling him I want to be ready for the Capitol 10k at the end of the month. So, he goes on to tell me how I go about training for a 10K. How I should up my mileage slowly, take recovery days, etc... Work from 2 miles and get in a few 5 mile runs.
This is not what I was asking him, but I let him talk, and at the end of it, I just didn't feel like trying to rephrase the question.

Was he not listening or was I not explaining or asking it correctly?

*I think I am feeling too that even possible? I literally can't straighten my arms without extreme tightness and pain. WTF!? I am taking today off from the gym and I am going to do do a 2 or 3 mile run. But GEEZ....really should it hurt this much??? I don't like it, and I think I am going to back off on the weights. I know I will feel like a weenie when everyone else is lifting but I don't care, I need to listen and be aware of my limits because I think I reached them.

*I was reading that you can download audio books to your android phone. And I have been wanting to get the audio version of the Hunger Games. So I went on Amazon and purchased what I thought was an audio version of the book and it downloaded to my phone via a Kindle app. I was all excited until I opened it and realized that I did not but the audio version and now I have to read it on my phone :( Plus it was $7.50 instead of the $5.50 that the book costs. I don't want to read a book on my phone but now I feel obligated to. Damn it.

*I am just having one of those days. I feel frustrated and anxious for some reason :(

So, let's hope this day flies by!


  1. I can't imagine reading a book on my phone! My eyes are too granny for that :)

    I understand what you were asking. Maybe he's not aware of your running background and so he was thinking it's your first 10k and the furthest you've ever run before? Little does he know :)Since it seems these classes are a lot of interval/circuit work, I would guess they somewhat equate to the speed work we do at run group since you are stopping and starting (high intensity followed by recovery and repeat). Obviously not the same mileage but same idea with the circuit training and still getting your heart rate up. I would look at those as your "hard" workout days, and supplement with some easy runs on your off days.

  2. What a day!? Those workouts sound killer. My upper body is extremely weak. I cannot do a pullup. At least I am fairly sure I can't. :) hang in there. Hopefully today's better. Soak it up because we lose an hour this weekend with daylight savings!