Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bullet Post Update

*Did my first Upper Body Fusion Workout yesterday at Dane's Body Shop. We did a bunch of Pull ups (yuck), medicine ball throws, squats with bar weights (see I don't even know what they are called, I am clueless with weights!), bench presses, etc.... It was REALLY hard for me. I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair after. And every time I rolled over last night I could feel it. Guess that means I got a good workout?

*We started, and almost finished, the movie The Grey last night. What a freaky movie. It's about these guys who are flying back from Alaska when their plane crashes. It just so happens that it crashes in this wolf hunting area. So, the movie is pretty much them fighting the weather and these wolves. Not bad, but kind of a dark movie.

*I am on the search for a new sunscreen. :( I was using and really liking Own sunscreen. It's fairly sheer and doesn't leave you with white face, and it seemed to last through running workouts. But I used it this weekend, and applied it twice and still got burnt, and I wasn't working out I was just at the park. I don't know what it is with my skin. It's like my skin absorbs sunscreen, to the point where it becomes ineffective in a very short time. So frustrating!

I was reading some reviews online and a lot of people liked Coppertone Sport and Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen. Both of these are cheaper than the sunscreens I have been trying, so I might go that route. I just would like to find a semi-natural non-chemical sunscreen since I have to use it so often! I saw this one also which I might try which got great reviews from the Environmental Work Group.

I need to find one that:
1) Doesn't make my face white
2) Is sweat proof
3) is good on sensitive skin
4) non-chemical.

*And last but not least here is my workout plan for the week

Sunday - Boot camp at Whole Foods (done)
Monday - Upper Body Fusion at Danes (done)
Tuesday - Lower Body Fusion at Danes & 2 mile run (done)
Wednesday - 3-4 mile run and Ab Ripper
Thursday - Lower Body Fusion Danes & 2 mile run
Friday - Upper Body Fusion Danes & 2 mile run
Saturday - Yoga

And my shin is feeling great. I am really benefiting from the Triggerpoint roll out set. And I am learning that I need to really warm up before running and stretch a lot. So I am crossing my fingers that I am almost all the way recovered from these shin splints!

My hip is still kind of weird at times, but definitely better.

Have a great day all.....

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  1. The Upper Body and Lower Body Fusion classes sound intense! I'm so glad you found them and are able to take advantage of them. I'm also so glad you're on the mend! :)