Monday, January 9, 2012

Squeezing My Glutes

So I went to another ART practitioner here near my work that is "in network" with my insurance.

Interesting because he had a totally different diagnosis then the first guy I saw. He thinks I have facet syndrome and very weak glute and hip flexor muscles so I am using my hamstrings to propel myself forward causing all kind of other issues.
(The first guy said I had piriformis syndrome)

He spent about 15 minutes doing the ART while he asked me a bunch of questions.
Turns out I am really inflexible...which I am not too surprised about.

So, I spent almost 2 hours at his office the other day doing trigger point rolling on a rugby ball and some other little fun! They also showed me some exercises to get my glutes and pelvic muscles to start firing correctly. It was interesting and informative and I went home with like 20 hand outs of all the exercises I needed to do every day, some even twice a day...before runs, after runs, pretty much like an hour of trigger point and exercises each day.
He told me I should come back twice a week to see a physical therapist about my facet syndrome and back issues.

He also told me I need to have more days of recovery between runs. So, for instance this week he said I can run 5-7 tomorrow...speedwork Thursday 5-7 mile...and 16 on Saturday would be ok.

I don't have a rugby ball or there little trigger point rollers so I did as many of the exercises as I could with my foam roller both Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be SO hard to make the time to do these!!! I didn't feel that much different after either session. (Not that I expected an instant healing, but I thought I would feel a little looser.)

(Side note here...I found this video online...and I am telling you this is the BEST foam roller stretch I have found...LOVE it!)

Today I went to my first PT appt. which I felt was pretty much for $80.00 he told me to do some back bends, some pigeon poses, and some exercises on the balance ball twice a day. He spoke of flexion and how this could help my back. He said once we developed flexion, than we would work on core. It was about a 1/2 hour long.

Now I know a negative attitude is not going to help me....but what really bothered me about this appointment is that he told me that I need to start coming twice a week indefinitely. The doctor stepped in at one point and said once I met my deductible it should become easier and more affordable for me to see the PT. WHAT!? My deductible is out of pocket and it's $3000! That just seems crazy to me. So 2 appointments with the PT a week and one ART appointment a week. For a total of $240 a week. :(

I just felt discouraged. I am glad I learned more about triggerpoint therapy...and I am glad I am understanding more about my glutes and hips being part of the issue. And I am glad I learned some exercises....but there is NO way I can afford to go indefinitely.

I don't know what I am going to do.


  1. Hmmm - that is interesting. I'm curious if they are runners and/or work with runners often. I would also think they would be able to prescribe exercises that you could do on your own, rather than having to go to PT twice a week which is a money suck. You should come see the Athletic Trainer at Southwestern - we can get you in for free. Both Dan and Francie go to him and he would be able to give you a third opinion. Super nice guy.

  2. I should really see someone and get this kind of info. I bet I'm doing all kinds of things wrong.

  3. I love my ART doctor ... he delivers pain but in a good way. :)

    And yes, finding the time to do the exercises and stretches he prescribes is tough. I see mine next Friday and will bring up my back issue.

    I don't think I needed to see my guy quite that much and I never saw a PT ... as that is what ART was for (or so I thought). Even when my IT problems were so serious, I only saw him once a week and then eventually once a month and then on an as needed basis.

  4. I'd seek another opinion about the PT. I'm always leery of doctors who give a timeline like that - especially when they start talking about deductibles.