Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running on Empty this Week

*When I went to see the "doctor" he said it was ok for me to do 5-7 I went to run group yesterday as I knew that would be the easiest place for me to get mileage. We did 2k repeats and I just took it slow around 8:30 pace and got 7.49 miles in which was perfect. Plus we had a big group which was kind of fun. I am thankful I have some great people to run with!

*Monday at PT the guy told me I need to do back extension exercises, so he showed me 3 or 4 exercises. I did them last night and this morning after I ran. And my back feels pretty good. So, I went online to look for more exercises and....I saw something on every site that really upset me....
Here is just one example of many which said the same thing....extensions can increase pain with facet syndrome! (And are to be avoided)
If back extensions are not good for facet syndrome....why would the PT prescribe them to me? It's making me feel more and more leery of this place and their staff. And do I have facet syndrome? Is it my hip? Grrr...I am just feeling more and more frustrated about it. And it's hurting. All night last night my lower back was aching...and it sucks, I am tired of it and want to figure it out.

I called back the other guy I first saw who does not take my insurance.  I am thinking of just paying the price to see him #1 because he came so highly recommended...and #2 because he had a plan right away with a duration of 2 weeks....not forever like this other guy.

I wish money didn't play a factor in what doctor or if I even go to the doctor for my back at all.  I wish I felt like this pain was just because of my mileage.  Last year when I was running a lot less mileage I had this same thing happen and I barely could walk for a I know this goes beyond my running and I need to take care of it at some point.

* I have decided that my first marathon is going to be.....

I am going to follow this plan and start at week 10

Wish me luck...and I hope my back cooperates!!!  If not I can always drop down to the 1/2 marathon.

*Well last night I met a friend for happy hour and some food...I had a really nice time.  But....when I got home Phene was sick....just fitfully tossing and turning and crying.  We brought her in our room and she tossed and turned and cried all night.  I believe it's the lingering ear infection.  We have an appointment again with the doctor this afternoon.  I am exhausted.  I barely slept last night and just felt so bad for her because I know she was in pain.  Hopefully we can get it taken care of so we don't have another bad night :(

*What a week!  Only Wednesday and I am SO ready for the weekend!


  1. I hope Phene feels better, and you are able to get some answers about your back. I know that has to be frustrating.

    I'm so excited you are going to run The Woodlands! :)I think you'll like the Hal Higdon plan as well.

    1. Can you ask doctor #1 if he has a referral to someone on your insurance that he would recommend? Just a thought...

      Good luck finding the proper treatment! I'm sorry you hurt :(