Friday, January 6, 2012

I am sick of it!

This seems to be the season of the cold and flu. (or allergies??)

Not only have the kids been coughing these deep hacking coughs for almost months now....but everyone around me here at work has a runny nose and horrible cough.

I have been trying desperately not to get sick...taking emergenc...using hand sanitizer, washing my hands....I don't know if these things really work, but it's worth trying.

I was sick for a few days with a cough and I lost my voice...but other then that, luckily I haven't had a full blown cold.....but....

This is what I am finding annoying...I feel constantly on the verge of getting sick. I wake up with a little sore throat...I have a cough that comes and goes....I feel more tired than usual.

Some people are saying it's cedar if you don't live in TX you are asking yourself..what the hell is cedar fever?

Well this tree above, which seems to grow just about everywhere around here, let's loose a bunch of pollen, and it just so happens that a lot of people are allergic to it.  Most people have flu like symptoms when the cedar pollen count is high.

There are even websites devoted to this allergy (I guess not a huge surprise since there are websites about almost everything!)

This one cracked me up

People Against Cedar :)

Any way, whatever the reason for my general feel of crappiness and sore throat....I really hope I don't get completely prone to bed sick!

And maybe some day soon the kids won't be constantly having a runny nose that they wipe on just about everything (even my leg) and won't be hacking up a lung all night long.

And on the running front......

Plan is 13 miles tomorrow morning, and I have a ART appointment at 11am today.  Hoping it helps as my hip/back is killing me and I need some relief!  I went on youtube and found this great video on how to use the foam roller on my hip....OH BOY...the pain was bittersweet and brought tears to my eyes.  I both love and hate that damn foam roller!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Everyone is my office is talking about cedar fever as well, and seem to have to hacking cough, running nose, etc. It seems to be inevitable. I'm just hoping my stays at an annoying cough rather than a full blown cold - and hope the same for you!

  2. I have TERRIBLE allergies and even though I don't think we have those trees in El Dorado Hills, I too have been having the scratchy throat thing in the mornings. SUCKS.

    I find the more sleep I get (which is hard) the better I do feel.