Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Want...I Need..ok I Just Want (Part 2)

Since winter is finally here.  (Well at least once or twice a week I am running in the cold now.  Please pardon that it was 70 degrees with 80% humidity this morning...it's still offically kind of sort of winter)  I need some winter running gear.  I just got my new Road Runner Sports catalog and saw some pretty nice stuff!
First I saw this Nike thermal jacket....
Love it!  (Not necessarily in this color, as I am more of a black running attire girl) It has that little extra almost turtleneck...and it has the holes in the sleeves so you can kind of tuck your hands in and keep them from being exposed.  Moisture wicking, etc...  It's about $70 though :(

BUT look what I found Here at Old Navy

Very similar PLUS it has a hood....and the best thing it's on sale for $27.50! (Same little holes in sleeves, same turtleneck thing going on)

At Road Runner I also saw this thermal Nike headband for $17

I really love wearing a headband like this during winter.  It keeps my ears warm. (I did not find this cheaper at Old Navy :( unfortunately)

One thing I wish I would of had last year was a neck gaiter.  I tried using a thin scarf a couple of times and it had no moisture wicking properties at all and just turned in to a wet mess. 

I saw this one at REI

I was reading reviews and it seems these "turtle fur" gaiters have great moisture wicking and are pretty comfortable.
Now these aren't running related but I really want a paire of UGG Slippers.  Don't they look comfy!?

I also really want another pair of these
I love Big Star jeans!  They are low rise and just really fit my body right!

Ok now back to running.....
I really want to buy another pair of these shoes.....

I can't say enough good things about these shoes.  I have been running in them for the last 6 months and I love them!

So besides this villa in the Greek Isles....where I can spend countless hours in peace, reading books, swimming, eating meals from my personal chef, leaving my kids with a nanny so I can enjoy a nice run......
I think that about rounds out my want list this week......


  1. I have the exact same Nike head band :)I really like the jeans. I haven't tried the Big Star jeans - thanks for the idea. I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me right which is why I spend most of my time in running attire even when I'm not running :)

  2. I want the Saucony Nomad Jacket so bad! I tried on that Nike Hoodie and it is really awesome.

  3. I'll go halves with you on the Greek Villa - and I love the jeans but I think the pockets might accentuate my rather wide derrier a little too much, ha! Went for a 3 mile run with Thor last night at the beach and thought of you for motivation - I'm back on the plan this week, who hoo!