Monday, November 7, 2011

Florence Friendship Day 5K Race...and a new PR!

My goal this race was to beat my last 5K time of 21:51.  I knew it would be a small race and I was pretty sure I would be 1st female as there were about 25 runners that showed up.  I ended up with a time of 20:54 which is about a minute less than my last 5K.  4th place overall.

Guess I started out a little slow.  I think I psych myself up too much overthinking everything.  I just didn't want to burn out right at the beginning.

It was pretty cold too....when I left the house it was 40...have to start getting used to that cold air in my lungs again!

Here are some pictures of the race....see I told you it was small!
Thanks to my husband Sean for the pics and for coming out to support me.

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  1. I didn't realize you broke 21 minutes!!! That is awesome. A 1 min PR is a distance that short is a HUGE improvement. Congrats on the PR!!