Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Wonderful, Versatile Me.....

I have been tagged by this lady over here. Who is actually one of my favorite bloggers I follow. If you haven't taken a look at her blog or you aren't following, you probably should be. She's smart, she runs, she bikes, and she has a lot of interesting things to say.

So the "rules" of this tag are that I need to share 7 random things about myself and then tag 15 other bloggers to I know 15 other bloggers? Regardless here are 7 things that make me versatile...or perhaps you did not know about me....

(It's Friday here at work, and I have nothing better to do :))
I have horses....well ponies to be exact. YES ponies..welsh ponies. (When I moved here to TX and first met my husband he thought I was just some hoity-toity California girl who cutely called her horses ponies...that was until he actually saw them.)

When I lived in California I showed my ponies on the welsh pony show circuit. One weekend a month my mother and I would load up our trailer and head to a show. We would do halter classes, which are judged on the pony's confirmation. And we would do hunter and under saddle classes as well. I almost exclusively rode English. Though once in awhile on a trail ride I would ride in a western saddle.

Since moving to TX I have not showed and I barely ride. I had 5 ponies total, but I am now down to the 2 brown one's you see in the pic above. They are pretty much hay burners at the moment. But I love them and plan on having them be our kid's ponies in the coming years. I do miss showing and riding with my mother though. She instilled a love of horses in me at a very young age and I will always be thankful.

I love thrifting, craigslist, and ebay! Not only do I buy and resell stuff on craigslist. But this is also where I get most of my kid's toys, clothes, and shoes. I love getting a deal and finding cool things. I am by no means a junk collector though.

I just started running races. Last fall was my first 5K and since I have been hooked! I have run on and off since high school but it was always for the pure enjoyment of running. No, I wasn't in track in high school or anything like that. I have always just LOVED running. And now I am loving to race and make goals for myself!

Here I am at my first 5K. It was a small race in my small town and I actually won it :) Now you may say there wasn't much competition....and you are right there weren't tons of runners. BUT, there was a girl at this race who gave me a run for my money and really pushed me so it wasn't an easy race.

I work for a golf company, and I don't play golf. Nor do I want to. But I know a lot about golf club specifications if you have ever have any questions. (I have HORRIBLE eye-ball-hand coordination!!)

I spent 6 years living on the north shore of Kauai when I was growing up. Wainiha valley is the place I called home. No kidding this is what my view was every day. Kauai is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I went to Catholic school until 5th grade.

I own a Great Dane named Sookie...and a Chihuahua named Frankie

That's about it....anything random or versatile you want to share with me about yourself??


  1. I did not know you have a Great Dane!!! I love Great Danes! The funny thing is, my bassets absolutely LOVE Great Danes as well...they are always infatuated by Great Danes at the dog park (even though they are 3x the basset height) and follow them around everywhere. You should bring Sookie to run group sometime!!

  2. OMG... I am so glad I tagged you! You have so many fascinating things to share! daughter would LOVE that... she can ride. I can't. CL and EBay... so fun, when it's not annoying :P And you are just naturally speedyish! so cool! dad was a player and I just messed up putting greens with my girlfriends playing field hockey with putters...oooops. And Kauai is AMAZING!!! Especially the North Shore :)

    Great Dane and Chihuahua... such the COOLEST pairing of pets EVER!

    Okay... you are so super can definitely be in my clique ;-)

  3. Hey speedy! I love seeing the pics you post - makes me feel like I'm not missing too much with the amount of miles between us! Maybe we'll have to plan a girls' getaway that revolves around a 5 or 10k...glasses of wine after the run and lots of catch up time would be FABULOUS - I'll have to get some serious training in to try and keep up though ;)