Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One of Those Days!

*First off I wish it was Friday...This is a long week!!

*I read this post this morning and it's pretty funny...thought I would share. This guy's blog is pretty good...he doesn't post much, but when he does they are good for a laugh! (Who's not calculating what we eat, how far we need to run, calories, etc??!! Especially with the holidays coming up!)

*Speaking of the holidays and calories...I have been CRAVING pumpkin muffins...Sounds so good right now!

*Sometimes I like to look at my stats on blogger...who is reading my blog? How many people visit my blog? etc....

So what I am getting from this is that my most interesting post of all time is just a picture...not all the other crap I actually spent time writing...just a picture of a scorpion...
Scorpions are definitely popular in my household, guess they are popular everywhere.
(Also, thanks Krystal, seems your blog sends me what little traffic I have!  I am not being sarcastic, glad I have some viewership!)

*Terra Nova jumped the shark last night

*I am considering refinancing my house.  What a f%% mess...I am clueless.  Points, refinancing fees, WTF!?  My brain is just not wrapping around it today.  And it needs to soon.  Looks like that's what I will be doing after kids go to fun....

You think I would be a in a good mood because I ran today...I am not..just one of those days!!!

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  1. I kept thinking yesterday was Friday and then today feels like Friday...when is it going to be Friday already? Good luck with the house refinancing. I have to admit I am clueless with all of that stuff - I rely on Dan to take care of it. Before Dan, I called my Dad for that stuff. Very sad that I am 33 and still clueless!!