Friday, October 21, 2011

Rant'n Ravin'....and Just Exhausted

Taking an idea from a fellow blogger over here....

So there are some things upsetting me today.....

This week has gone unbelievably SLOW

Phene's daycare...where do I start...First I felt like I wasn't given all the info I needed...I didn't know how or when or if I needed to bring more diapers/supplies for her....and then I kept calling for updates and asking questions and they said "talk to Miss Merideth"....well turns out Miss Merideth is like a wealthy banker and only works from 8-1pm...hours where I can't possibly leave work to go talk to they told me to talk to her....but how the hell do I get a hold of this lady?????? Then I would ask questions....did she eat her lunch? Did she nap? Is she playing with other kids? I would get these one word answers...or "She's doing good" (generic no clue answer) It's her first week....don't they expect me to ask questions? They have been in the daycare business for awhile don't they expect this?????? Finally I kind of aired all this to the director and secretary and FINALLY yesterday afternoon Miss Meridith sent home an update paper....but I am wondering if we chose the right place...PLUS Phene is having a hard time at drop off...crying...and this morning she got so hysterical she threw up....So I cried all the way to work again....being a mother/parent sucks sometimes...I wanted to go back in the building and get her after I walked out because I saw her crying through the window....but I knew that wasn't the best thing for her. I feel EXHAUSTED this week....and sad :(

I am not really upset about this....but I have no one to do my long run with tomorrow. I don't think I have done but one long run alone, so now I guess I have become dependent on having someone there to talk to. I am sure it will be fine I have run by myself many times. Just wish I could find some company. Planning on 15...we will see if my phone battery lasts so I can have music the whole time.

As I mentioned earlier this week Phene threw up on the way to daycare the other morning. Well turns out her car seat reeks like vomit. (Even though Sean said she didn't throw up on it) So today at work I took it out of the car and put it on my hood in the sun. Hoping it kind of airs less than 10 people have come to tell me I have a car seat on my hood. One guy said he was worried someone would steal it. (We work on a private steet and the parking lot is away from the road...and if someone wants to steal our old vomitted on car seat....well it would be inconvenient, but be my guest)
HA and as I am writing this I just had ANOTHER person ask me.....
MYOB people!
Sorry, but if I saw a car seat on someone's hood...I wouldn't say's not like I left Phene strapped in the car seat and left her on the hood....

Did I mention it's been a long week? Well it's been a long DAY too! It's only 12p and I am ready to LEAVE!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Wishing some good luck and some slow miles to my friend Erin over here. She's doing a marathon as training for the JFK 50 mile race next month....a marathon as training!! She's an amazing athlete!


  1. Feels good to get it out doesn't it!

    I had similar issues when my kids were in daycare. Was totally unaware when diapers ran out. I didn't know until a week after the fact that my kid had bitten someone. I would have handles up on that ASAP!

  2. This is a great idea for a post - I could probably write pages :). I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week. I hope you can get some rest this weekend and I hope next week goes better for you. I would be upset with the day care - you are not out of line at all - you are paying them as well as entrusting that they are taking good care of her; they should not only be providing feedback, but should not make it difficult for you to get that feedback. And, I want Miss Meredith's hours!!

    Thank you so much for the good luck wishes! :) Have a great long run tomorrow!