Saturday, October 22, 2011

15 miler that Turned in to a 14 miler

So yeah for me last week...I planned on 13 and ran 15...Yeah for me this week I planned on 15 but ran 14!

14 miles at a consistent 8:30 pace. The fastest I have ever run that distance!

Lucky I did end up having someone to run with...Mick from Run Tex. He is pretty fast and I was a little worried I couldn't keep up with him. But I did, though that last mile I was pooped!

After running this morning we went to the pumpkin patch and the park...


  1. That last pic of your daughter holding the pumpkin just melts my heart!

    Great job on that 14-miler! Wowza, speedy lady :)

  2. Simply excellent, Rain! Mick is great to run with; he always has a way of pushing me to run faster than I think I can.

    Love the pumpkin patch photos!!