Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just an American girl, in the Tokyo streets

*Even though someone explained to me how to do the youtube video thing in my last post...I still don't see how to do retard moment!

*Phene is sick today....sick of daycare?? Sick with stomach flu? Probably the latter. Sean is staying home with her. I think daycare is going well. Though both times I went to pick her up she seemed really sad. And yesterday afternoon she just seemed so emotional after....This sucks and I feel guilty and sad and just WORN OUT this week!!! I just hope it starts getting easier and better for her.

*Achilles pain? It was in one ankle the other today....who knows. Very annoying. C'mon ankles! Get your crap together!! Can't complain of any other pain though which I guess is a good thing. I got an ankle compression sleeve for the ankle that was bothering me a few weeks ago. And that pain has completely gone away. So, I think I will continue using the sleeve for now.

*Why the heck am I running so many miles on the weekends? I have a 10 mile race coming up at the end of the month....but after that nothing of any distance until mid December. So, why the long miles on the weekend? I guess if a 1/2 marathon comes up between now and then...I will be prepared. Plus, I guess I am really enjoying the long miles, more than I thought I would.

*FINALLY it has cooled down here in Austin....amazing! Last night it was 42 degrees...and today it's supposed to be in the low 70's....SO glad the heat is gone...just hope we have some nice mild weather before winter weather descends upon us.

* The time changes here in a few weeks. I really dread it every year. It means I leave home when it's dark in the morning, and return home and it's dark in the evenings. Did you know in Hawaii the time never changes? Gosh, I really didn't appreciate that as much as I should have!

*In November Harajuku Girls (Gwen Stefani) is coming out with a kids line of clothing at Target! I am SUPER excited! Did I tell you that our daughters dress better than I do? I love buying them cute clothes! (Mostly used from ebay, craigslist, etc...but cute nonetheless!)

(I really love Gwen Stefani, I love her solo stuff, I loved No Doubt, and her style is amazing!)

*Oh and I love when my town makes the news...

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  1. I am sorry Phene is sick :(. I hope she starts feeling better soon. We've had several staff members out lately with sick children, it seems to be something going around day care :(

    I think it's good that you are sticking with the long runs...they provide such wide reaching benefits. Even without a long race in the immediate future, it's good to maintain your base. :)