Monday, September 12, 2011

Who'd You Rather

*Spent a couple hours in the car on Sunday and listened to some stuff on the radio about 9/11. They played some of the recordings from the planes, and talked to survivors. This year more than any other year I felt very sad. And I just couldn't imagine witnessing something like that first hand. So scary, and so sad that these people who did witness it are changed forever. I found myself close to tears listening to people recounting that horrible day. I think it's good for us to remember, as people, and as US citizens. Our freedom and safety is precious. I am thankful to the soldiers who risk their life fighting for our freedom and way of life.

*Long run went well this last Saturday. Planned on 14 miles but rain 13.8. Jessica joined me for the first half and the second half I listened to music. Town Lake was as busy as ever and I had to weave in and out of people on my second loop. All in all SUPER happy on my second 13 mile run! I ate not too long after this time also, which REALLY helped! I felt better and not so exhausted! Even made it home and mopped the floors :)

*Bought a new washing machine and I couldn't be happier! Paid a BUNCH for a LG high efficiency front load a few years back and I have HATED IT! It had got to the point where I was having to wash clothes two, sometimes 3's just been a nightmare! This past weekend we bought a cheap top load washing machine and finally my clothes smell fresh after one wash cycle! Hallelujah!

* Fall TV shows are starting up. A few I am looking forward to are:

"Parenthood" (A good funny show with some great actors)

"Vampire Diaries" (A little teeny bopperish at times, but all in all pretty entertaining!)

"Dexter" ( LOVE LOVE this show!)

....and so sad that "True Blood" is over :( I thought it was a really good season, and I wish there were some more episodes!!!

*I am not much for reading news about the world markets or current events....but I love some good celebrity gossip...and who do I turn to?? Tmz of course! This morning I had quite a predicament.....or lack thereof!

Hmmm....the answer is obvious. Can anyone who has seen the Notebook not make the same decision??
Oh Noah!
Because you see it's not really Ryan Gosling that I like. It's the character! It's the time the movie was set in. It's the thought of a love that lasts forever and is pure and complicated, but real.

Something you may not know about me is I don't like romantic movies. Some of my favorite movies are Seven, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Boondock Saints, I love a good twisted film!

The Notebook is the exception, and every single time I watch it I cry. No matter what!

That's about all I have for today. Have a good week all!

Who'd You Rather?

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  1. George Clooney. He likes Italy and I'm Italian. And he and I share the same birthday :P And he is more my age :)