Thursday, September 8, 2011

Run Group, Friendship, NEED some yoga!

This morning I met up with the Run Tex group in Georgetown.
Plan was...
1 mile warm up
4.5 miles at progressive tempo pace
1 mile cool down

It didn't quite happen that way. It was more of a steady pace around 7:40/7:50. At mile 4 I slowed down to 7:57 pace. I was WIPED OUT!

When we started it was dark which made it kind of interesting. I found a girl who was pretty much at my pace so we set out together. She was FAST, literally two of my strides were one of hers! I kept up with her until mile 4 and she went on ahead at the pace we had kept for the 4 miles.

This wasn't one of my easiest runs. I felt like I was putting out a lot of effort for not such a fast pace. I was happy to have company though because I think I would have slowed down a lot sooner! Doing my weekly speed workouts with a group the last 2 weeks has been very helpful. I plan on continuing to go every week. It's good to have a little push!

Personally I am having some friend trouble that I am a little sad about. A woman who I have become pretty good friends with over the last year has really been disappointing me lately. Maybe a better way to phrase it is that she has really been hurting my feelings. What makes me most sad about it is that I feel like maybe she has been this way all along, and I am just now realizing it. I love her dearly but I feel like she is so involved in herself and so unaware of how this can affect others negatively. I also feel like she has become sneaky and has told me some lies. It just breaks my heart because I don't think I want that in my life. And sadly I think I have to give our friendship up.

Perhaps my expectations in friendships are too high?

Ok so enough of that!

Planning on 13 miles again this weekend and really looking forward to it! Tomorrow I think I need to fit some yoga in as my back has been kind of sore.

Have a great day all :)

Oh and minus 8.5 inches of hair I am....I am not loving it, but it was for a good cause!m....


  1. I had to give up my best friend of 10+ years for various reasons. But, in the end, we've started talking again and hang out a little. We're just nowhere as close. The stress she caused has diminished and now I can look at our friendship in other ways so that I can stay mentally healthy while around her. Give it time.. ya'll may not be done forever - unless you want to be.

    Good luck with the runs. I was chatting with a friend who is a "causal runner".. she's trying to get me to consider it. Too bad she's in Canada.. I only seem to know marathon runners. I am not even sure I could make a mile. :p

    Love the hair!

  2. I was telling Mick this morning's workout was easier in theory than it actually was. 5 miles is a pretty long tempo run, and the gravel trail slows you down a little - I think only Joe ended up with negative splits :). Keep up the good work. Speed work is tough, especially if you are new to it - it will get easier. We like having you join us!

    Sorry to hear about your friend troubles. I've been there...I think sometimes people just change, or in her case, maybe took some time to show her true colors? Hope everything works out.

    Your hair is cute! Sorry I didn't recognize you this morning!!

  3. I love your hair! I've ended up in a couple of toxic friendships like that before. My best friend's sister is like that, and even though it doesn't effect my world, she has completely ruined multiple key moments in my friends life and it makes me really mad. Anytime the attention is turned away from her and onto my friend, big sis feels the need to create unnecessary tension.

  4. Stick with the speed work especially the tempo runs! I used to run weekly with a very FAST group. Way faster than me but it pushed me and in turn, I ended up much faster than I had ever been in my life. Since having moved and not being able to join them, I am back to my slower self ... speed work really makes a difference and it is hard. That means it works. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the friendship trouble. It is always sad when situations like this come up. I had something similar quite a few years ago and it ended our friendship. I often think of this friend but our relationship was toxic and I think it was better off being cut off.

    Thank you for always commenting on my blog.