Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Thing About Dog Crap

The thing about dog crap is that if you get it on your pants and you try to rub it out with water, it just gets wet and ground in to your pants and leg. And it never really comes out....and it's only 11 and you are stuck with dog poop on your pants all day.


  1. And that is waaaaaayyyyyy worse than chocolate IN your pants that only LOOKS like poop ;-)

    I am so sorry ... I HATE dog poop.

  2. :( I really dislike irresponsible pet owners (cat and dog alike)... Sorry, sweetie!

  3. Ugh - not fun. Don 't feel bad though...I spend most of my days at work with dog hair and dog drool usually in several places on my pants. Some reason, I can't escape the house in the morning without either getting on me.