Monday, August 15, 2011

Posting Funk

I have been in a posting funk.

When I run I think of all kinds of things I want to blog about but when I finally sit down to do it my mind is blank.

Jessica and I didn't do our long run last week because of scheduling issues. Instead we did a 6 mile fartlek. Erin over here ,gave me a great fartlek routine to follow. I wrote it all down on the back of my hand (sorry no pic) and we were off!

10-15 minute warm up, 2 minutes hard, 2:00 easy, 3 minutes hard, 2:00 easy, 4 minutes hard, 2:00 easy, 4 minutes hard, 2:00 easy, 3 minutes hard, 2:00 easy, 2 minutes hard, 10-15 minutes cool down

I think on one of the 4 minutes hard we did 3 instead (I am blaming it on the humidity) and we cooled down for 1 mile instead of 10-15 minutes. It was a tough workout but WOW did I feel good after! And plus Jessica was there to sweat it out with me which is always fun! :)

So, another week begins and more training runs to follow. Hoping for 9 miles this weekend!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Great job on the fartlek workout! They are tough, but at least a little more tolerable with company. Let me know if you ever want company on your long runs. I am always looking for someone to cover a few miles with me on mine!

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