Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doing the Tempo

I wasn't happy with last week's tempo run. Not only did I not really make it the whole 4 miles at tempo pace, but I felt like crap and just pooped out at the end. I knew I had to do better this week.

So last night I ate WAY too much pizza, and had 2 glasses of wine. I was prepared for a tempo failure today. Much to my surprise it didn't go all that bad.

Total Miles:

6 (1 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, and 1 mile cool down)


Mile 1: 8:13
Mile 2: 7:26
Mile 3: 7:41 (I think I would have been closer to a 7:30 here but I had to wait on traffic)
Mile 4: 7:32
Mile 5: 7:24
Mile 6: 8:38

My tempo pace per Runner's World Calculator is 7:50...but honestly 7:30-7:40 is comfortably hard for me and feels right.

All in all I feel like I accomplished a great tempo run!

On another note, another record breaking HOT day. Forecast says it's supposed to be 106!!!! YUCK!

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  1. Pizza and wine are my secret weapons :). Nice tempo work!!