Monday, August 1, 2011

LSD Saturday or My First Time Running 8 Miles

Saturday was my LSD run. Unfortunately Jessica had to cancel and couldn't join me. So, it was just me and my trusty ipod.

Total Distance:
8 miles


Total time:

You know I feel a little guilty about bragging about how easy this was. I feel like I should have a long sob story about how tough it was....but great runs don't happen every day....or even every month so I need to brag a little!

I took a route with some good gradual up and down hills which I was a little worried about. But all in all they didn't bother me. I just chugged a long really trying to keep it slow and relaxed. The weather was GREAT! It was overcast, almost like it was going to rain. There was a slight cool breeze which really helped, because though cooler, the humidity was pretty high.

I used my Nathan Fuel Belt which I LOVED. It didn't bounce at all, it sat very comfortable on my hips, and how great that I could stick my ipod in there along with my mid run fuel candies! Part of the reason this run might have been easier than some other runs I have done is because I had water to drink along the way. I drank a sip or two every mile.

The last mile was mostly down hill and I did start to notice a little tightening in my shins and my ankles were a little tired. The only drawback to running this route is that shoulder of the road is pretty slanted and I could tell it was affecting my ankles even from the beginning. Is is normal to get a little tight on the last mile?? Mentally I wasn't tired, I just felt like my body was ready to slow down or stop.

So another week down on my half marathon training. This is week 6, 4 more weeks to go.

This is my plan for this week:

Today-4 mile easy
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 6 miles with 4 miles at tempo pace (Didn't have the best tempo run last week so I am hoping to redeem myself)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 4 easy
Saturday - 8 mile LSD
Sunday - P90x Yoga

And I thought I would share my make shift training chart, (I also keep track of my miles on Runners World and Daily Mile) but here is my hard copy.

So all in all a BIG WOO HOO on my first 8 mile run!


  1. You go girl! There's no way I could run in this heat... be careful out there and stay hydrated!

  2. Awesome 8, Rain! Love those negative splits to finish it up. Keep up the good work with your training :)

  3. Awesome job on the 8 miles! I seriously wish I had your speed and could talk about how hard it is to slow down, lol.