Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Honest, The Blogs I Follow

I started blogging just recently and I am really enjoying it. I also really like reading other people's blogs about their running or life experiences. My favorite bloggers are the brutally honest kind. I struggle with this myself on this blog....like when is too much information, TOO MUCH INFORMATION?

I wanted to share a few that I really like.

This is one I came across just recently. It took me a couple of posts to get in to it and then I was hooked. I love her "mental convos" they crack me up! Plus she is honest and has some funny kids stories!

Absolutely Narcissism

This woman is very funny and I just get a kick out of her husband and the pictures she takes. With post titles such as "Guess who's pitching a tent" and "Nakedness and the Country Fair"....c'mon you know you want to check it out!

Catas Trophy Wife

I LOVE LOVE this blog! I love reading about her running and biking and kids antics....She has a daughter who is Phene's age and I can so relate to her posts about kids...and she just has a great sense of humor! She also takes a lot of pictures of her runs with great recaps! I get very jealous when she has pictures of her running or biking right by the beach....makes me miss California!

Taking it on

And who doesn't like this guy!?

The Boring Runner

Oh and this one is one of the BEST! Title says it all! Plus they are local Texas women!

The Bitchy Runners

This is one I just recently started to follow...this guy is good writer, and has a good sense of humor. Plus he is a runner, and talks about running topics. Here is how he describes himself "Who is "Nitmos"? That's like asking who is Batman? I like to think there is a little Nitmos in all of you. Probably the part that itches and burns."

Feet Meet Street

Here are two blogs I really like reading for the simple fact that these two are "real" people....does that make sense? I can relate to their running stories and tribulations, and also they are both local TX ladies. They also both happen to be really good descriptive writers!

Erin's Adventures in Running...and Life


The Unlikely Runner

Obviously there are more blogs that I have read and like, this is just a small sampling of some of my favorites.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm glad I could make the list!

  2. Thanks, Rain! I really enjoy following your blog as well! :).

  3. Hey, thanks for reading! There is plenty of ointment in the world, no worries. Only be concerned if you hear of an Ointment Famine.