Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Bullet Point Update & Some Pics

*Phene was sick yesterday...poor thing. She kept saying "poo poo hurts" and I thought maybe she was having a hard time going #2...but I think "poo poo hurts" is baby speak for my tummy hurts. She threw up a couple times and had a little fever. I know when she wants me to hold her and she actually slows down for a few minutes that something is wrong. Needless to say I was up every hour last night listening for her and worrying. She slept through the night and this morning luckily she is feeling better today! It just broke my heart though!

*It's hotter than hell here in TX....I think it's been over 60 days with 100+ temperatures. I am ready to be able to be outside for more then 5 minutes without sweating to death. We haven't had much rain either which is not only killing every plant in our yard, but hay is scarce and I am on the constant hunt. (To no avail, by the way)

*We don't watch too many reality shows...but one we are in to every season is "So You Think You Can Dance". I love this show! I love it because it seems more professional and serious than other dance shows. Granted it has voting and yes, I guess like many other shows it is a popularity contest, it just seems less cheesy. My predictions for the top 2 are:
Jess LeProtto

Melanie Moore

Let's see if I am right! :)

*Great 7 mile run at Town Lake with Jessica Saturday. At mile 6 my legs were feeling really tight. We pushed on though and kept our LSD pace. This was the first run we have done that was over 1 hour long. We stopped and had a sip of water once, and ate a little bit of a Clif bar. But we realized we need to figure out our refueling choices, whens, what, etc... We will be more prepared next time. PLUS I ordered this and should have it by our next run!

*Luckily, and I thank God, that Sean and I were not laid off last week in our companies lay offs. What a tense time, and my heart goes out to the people that were laid off. I am so thankful to have a job!

I will leave you with some pics of Phene from this last weekend.

Oh and I went to Target the other day when Amy was in town and saw this SUPER cute swimsuit! It's by Assets (Spanx) . Very flattering suit....but it's 50.00....gosh I am cheap!


  1. I hope your daughter feels better! Poor thing!

    The heat is killing me too. It just seems like we can't catch a break and still have a good month or two of this weather ahead of us :(.

    Nice work on your long run this weekend! Running and training in this heat will make you feel like you are FLYING when it finally does cool off!

  2. I'll ask my FIL where he gets his hay.

    Yay for not being laid off! I was super worried about ya'll.

    I bought a very similar swimsuit from Target, but I don't recall paying more than $9.99 for each piece. The bottoms are actually maternity, but you can't tell... I just went and looked and the top I got is now $20! I wouldn't have paid that, so they had to have gone up in price.

  3. Rain, can you use bailed corn? FIL is finding out if his source has any hay available. Will report back soon.