Friday, June 10, 2011

Ode to a Scorpion

Thank you scorpion for not biting me while you were crawling on my leg under the covers this morning. Sorry I had to smash you over and over with my slipper.


  1. Holy cow! That's a big one! I haven't ever seen one that big in Central Texas...

  2. Try Diatomaceous Earth and Borax....that might help... just sprinkle it around the outside of the house (near openings) as well as inside.. It's not dangerous to the kids, but it could clog their pores if they go messing around with the DE.

  3. We have the DE and are getting some borax today. During the winter we had a pest guy come out and we didn't see them much, but they are back! It's hard in our house because most of the flooring is wood or tile. The rooms have carpet though, so we will use the powder there. Ughhh....annoying!