Monday, June 13, 2011


First off I would like to thank the guy running in front of me at Town Lake on Saturday. Thank you for running so fast and keeping such a steady pace. You pushed me to run faster and set a personal record on a 5 mile run! I am not sure how I ran a 6:30 pace for 5 miles but somehow it happened and it was one of those easier runs that I didn't struggle with. Second I want to note that Town Lake is almost way too busy on Saturday mornings! It was a constant weave in and out of people that I didn't really care for. Though I did enjoy being pushed to run a little faster I am not too much for crowds or crowded places.

The weekend went well but went by way too fast! I miss Phene so much during the week, and I really felt like I didn't get enough time with her this weekend. Saturday we went swimming in Lampasas which was fun. Phene was wearing her floats and was actually learning to pick her feet up off the ground and actually float. Her little smile when she realized she was actually floating was just priceless. One of those truly genuine smiles that just melts your heart!

Sean and I cleaned the house and tried to pull all the furniture away from walls, clear clutter, etc.. We are having the pest guy come and spray the house again this week and we are hoping it will be more effective if he can get behind all the furniture. I am so tired of worrying about these scorpions!

No new pictures to share as our camera is being fixed and we haven't had it for the last two weeks.

Have a good week all!


  1. You're coming into town to run? I thought Georgetown now had a great trail?

  2. Well...Jessica my running partner lives south. So we rotate weekends. One weekend at Town Lake, the next at San Gabriel park in Georgetown. I do love the San Gabriel Park trail because it's all marked out by miles and it has some hills and it's quiet and uncrowded!