Thursday, May 19, 2011

Observations and Confessions

-Generally people's lives are a lot shittier in real life then on Facebook (part of the reason I am not on there anymore) Do I really need to present myself as the perfect person, with the perfect kids, perfect life? I shouldn't even get started on why I am anti facebook!
-I spend way too much time on craigslist, I should be getting paid for how many hits I give them on any given day. I can post and reply to ads with my eyes closed.
-I absolutely hate hate hate pictures of myself (Stay tuned I am trying to work on this one)
-I have noticed that people don't care about their spelling, and I find it kind of sad.
-People are so judgemental. Myself included.
-I need a vacation. I mean not like a Bahamas type vacation....but a mental vacation. I would like to stop worrying, stressing, etc... for one whole day. Does this vacation exist???
-Yes I have a Chihuahua...a little tiny alien looking purse dog, pathetic I know! But he is the sweetest little thing and has surpassed my expectations!
-I would have loved to get a college degree. I absolutely love learning new things! I just am horrible with homework, essays, and tests. I failed miserably at school and wish I would have tried harder.
-Just when I think I am going to get a good nights sleep the dog is puking up a plastic toy all night long.
-Bob Marley is my go to music. I never get tired of him and like almost every song.

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