Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am Jack's Complete Lack of Energy

First let me start by saying I had a really bad dream last night. it was so realistic and when I woke up I just couldn't shake the yucky feeling the dream gave me....bad start to my day. I ran a great 4 miles in 30:50 which I am super happy about, but it was a hard one and GEEZ was it humid! I miss Jessica.

You would think with all the running I am doing, and all the water I am drinking, and with the going to bed at 8-830p almost every evening that I would be feeling great. It's just the opposite and I am wondering why? The mornings are pretty good but by mid afternoon I am dragging and my eyes feel heavy and I am exhausted!

My first thought is that maybe I am eating too many carbs and too much sugar? I did a cleanse awhile back and cut out 99% of the sugar and carbs out of my diet, and I felt a lot better and had a lot more energy. So, my plan is to not go back to a complete cleanse diet, but to really limit the sugar and carbs. No fun!! :( I will give it a week and I will see if I start to notice that I feel a little better in the afternoons.

And I always find it odd that even though running kicked my a$$ this morning and I really struggled...It's mid day and I want to go back and out and run another 4 miles! It's a love hate with this running, and the harder it is and the more I struggle the more I want to do it. There is nothing else like running!

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