Friday, May 20, 2011

I Just Want to Run

This guy is awesome....and I know my husband is going to say it's because he's good looking or something to that effect. But that has nothing to do with it. (He reminds me of Forest Gump to be honest) This guy is a powerhouse!

Yesterday while on Runner's World I came upon an article about this guy and his trail racing feats. Which led me to a you tube video of this guy running and winning the Miwok 100k race in 2010. (Which by the way looks like the most beautiful run I have ever seen scenery wise.) Just watching this guy run makes me want to put on my shoes and get out there. And to see the list of the races this guy has won and raced in, it's just truly amazing. Inspires me a little to push myself beyond these things that I think limit me.

What's holding me back? I have nothing in my way. I have a husband who supports my running, I am young, I don't have any major issues physically, I have the drive, I have the want...I just need to get out there and set some more goals for myself and get to hitting the pavement a little more often and start upping my mileage.

I just want to run...My body and my soul are aching to be pushed...I want to run in the rain...I want to run in the snow....I want to run up the steepest hill...I want to run in the forest...I want to run on the beach...I want to sweat...I want to run until my legs are screaming at me..and then I want to run some more.

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  1. Anton is pretty darn awesome as a runner. I'll agree. Just reading about his training is just amazing to me.

    Go and get 'em. Go run. Go nuts on the trails.