Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Pictures

We played around with a photobooth ap on my phone

While they were showing our house this weekend Phene and I went and got a cupcake
Speaking of showing the house, we had two showings this weekend and it's HECTIC!  Hard to keep the house so clean!
Phene took a nap on our way to Austin
We met up with some friends and went to Batfest.  The event itself wasn't that great but it was good company!
Phene got to pick out her outfit for the first day of PreK.  She was very excited!
And last night we made cupcakes for everyone in her new class.



  1. Oh my gosh, she is getting so big!! I think our girls would get along great .... The Peanut has princess jammies too!!

    Where are you moving to? The house looks great! Love the decor (I am challenged in that department ha).

  2. I can't even imagine keeping my house in "showing" condition. They look in the closets, basement, everywhere! YIKES! I think I'd have to have a storage unit somewhere to hide my junk. CUTE pics!