Thursday, August 15, 2013


Phene had a circus themed picnic at her school.  Of course it's 100+ degrees here so it was an indoor picnic!
She's been playing a lot with her Barbies

I went up to the neighbors house and washed Jelly.  He was happy to have someone spend time with him!
(And yes that's a for sale sign on our property....we want to move closer in to Austin, tired of commuting!)
Phene's hair is growing long like "Rapunzel" (At least that's what she tells me)

We have been going to the pool almost every week and Phene is getting really comfortable going underwater.  No actual swimming without the life jacket yet but it's progress!


  1. I miss you. I wish I lived near you.

  2. How cute is that pony??? I am way too big to ride a pony, but I want one for a pet!

    Phene's hair is SO pretty. I'm sure she'll be wrapping up multiple feet of it soon! :)