Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  • If you have a cold and you have a runny nose go in to the bathroom and blow your nose.  Please don't okeeblow on your desk.  I don't want to hear it, and I don't want to see it.  (And speaking of okeeblow...I used to love these guys!)
  • If you have cold and you have an uncontrollable nasty cough, please cover your mouth.  And I mean every time.  I don't want to get sick.
  • A friend of mine posted today something about injuries that really rang true to me.  If it's not one thing it's another.  This last year it has been my hip, and when it wasn't my hip it was my back, and when it wasn't my back it was my shins, and when it wasn't my shins it was my feet.  Really I hate to whine and go on and on about it....but geez I need a break. (And I don't mean a break from running...though I know that would help, I mean a break from feeling hurt all the time!)
  • We watched Lawless the other night.  On a Rotten Tomatoes type of scale I give it about a 70%.  Tom Hardy is in it and I couldn't help but think of him in the disturbing buzz feed pics I saw the other day...here.  And I couldn't help but think of Shia Labeouf having real sex scenes...here...which was a little disturbing too.
  • I was supposed to run 8 miles today but settled on 6.  I was running all weird because my foot was hurting.  I felt like I was running on the outer edge of my feet...now why would I do that??  Who knows.  So, I have to fit in 8 miles this Thursday at the track, and this Saturday I am gearing up for a 12 mile run....Feet don't fail me now!!!  I am trying the Superfeet inserts and what sucks is that I feel like that they are great for my left foot, and they are really NOT great for my right foot....but I wonder would running with only one make me lopsided?!


  • Last weeks "cleanse" went fairly well.  I only cheated once with a mocha mid week because I forgot my coffee.  I felt better, more energy, less puffy, and actually started kind of settling in to it mid week.  I will say though that chips and salsa never tasted so good after not having it for a week!  I am going to try to keep up with eating better, no snacking, etc...I know it makes me a better runner, and I know I feel better when I am not all bloated from salt and sugar.
  • Have you ever ran with someone who "fudges" their time and paces??  You know this really bothers me...I mean REALLY bothers me.  I was talking to Sean about it the other day and he made a good point....Running is so personal.  If you aren't running a race aren't you really only lying to yourself if you "fudge" your paces or miles?  And lying to yourself...well that's the ultimate lie in my opinion.  Any way, it reminded me of this interesting article I read. 


  1. 1. Thursday's workout is longer, so you can definitely get in 8 miles.

    2. I'm proud of you for your cleanse. I ate horrible this weekend (part of it was self wallowing) which probably explains my oompaloompa feeling this morning.

    3. YES!!!!! on the fudging time and paces. I almost wrote a post on this the other day. That is one reason I got off of DM...because some people were posting times I knew there was NO WAY they could run (evident in simple race results). I don't know why it bothers me, but it really does.

  2. That Kip guy ran our local marathon and cheated here too! It's crazy. I hear you on the injuries. Always something. Currently a hamstring! I would run with one super feet but that's me ;). Xoxo

  3. I wouldn't understand why anyone would fudge their time/pace either, what is the point. The 5k that I helped with this year, last year they had someone claim the results were wrong and he falsely walked away with one of the awards. Seriously? Why would you just want a plaque from some race that you didn't actually run the way you claimed!

  4. Fudgers...why bother?

    When I "fudge" it's always to my detriment...like rounding in the direction so I look slower on paper. It's never by a lot...it's just lazy math :P But I never do it in the direction that makes me look faster. EVER.

  5. Man, thank you so much for the article link! I read it all and it was so good! I wanted them to find out how he did it! I'm with you on the fudging. I am so slow, so I figure why bother, I'm not fooling anyone lol. Glad to hear your cleanse went well!