Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out with Old in with the New?

So yesterday I got a new pair of shoes.  The Brooks PURECadence.

I ran 3 miles in them today.  I don't have much of a review yet, as I have only run in them once.  They feel very light!  I wore them in the first part of my track workout this morning and then switched in to my trusty Brooks Adrenaline

I could feel the weight difference when I switched...The Adrenaline's felt like bricks!  It took me half a lap to feel normal running in them again!

I am a little worried about running in a more minimalist shoe only because I have been so injury prone lately.  I think I will keep switching shoes for awhile to see if that works better than just jumping in to a new shoe for all my runs.  I did read some reviews where people felt some achilles and calf soreness in the Cadence shoes at first, and that's the last thing I need as I have enough tightness in my calves as it is!

Also it's official!


  1. Give yourself a few weeks to get adjusted to the lighter weight shoes, then you will be good to go.

    I love the Luke's outfit - super cute!

  2. I love my Brooks Pure Flows, LOVE them! But I really messed myself up by not transitioning well into them, so I would definitely make sure you are switching back and forth and not trying to do too much at once!