Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Craigslist, Shows, and some other Randomness

*I saw this on our local craigslist the other day...

*Burpees are hard, they suck and I hate them.  But what I hate worse is Burpee manmakers.
You take a burpee:

and you add a man maker in the middle push up part:

photo courtesy of crossfit Miami

Torture I tell you....pure torture.
What was more irritating about them was that those 15lb weights were snatched up right away every time and I ended up with either 20lbs or 25lbs...guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?!  At least that was my mantra.

*I joined the RUNGT group yesterday morning for a great workout. About 15 minutes in to the run the north wind whipped up and brought us a nice COOL rain storm.  It feels like ages since I have run in cool weather.  I LOVED it!  Plus getting in 7.6 miles on a weekday, well that's always a plus!  Note to self that even if I run slow I need to get to group once a week. 

*Anyone else have nothing to watch on TV lately?  Summer programming has been crap!  I can't wait for the fall.  A few shows I am looking forward to....

 Elena is a vampire now so this could be interesting....

And my guilty pleasure is back for the 2nd season!

That's all I have.....hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. oh my gosh that craigslist posting is hilarious! Totally made me laugh so hard!!

    And can you believe I have never, ever done a burpee....

  2. Burpee Manmakers have me oddly intrigued...I'll have to try them in my next core workout. They look like they would kick my butt.

    Okay, okay, I admit it - the horse in the hotel was me. Didn't realize I had been caught. ;)

  3. First of all, that Craigslist ad was hilarious! And second of all: 7.6 miles? Kill me. Kill me now. I can barely squeak out 3 miles, and that's with pee breaks in the bushes. You are a machine, burpee manmakers notwithstanding!

  4. I hate Burpees they are the bane of my workouts! Man Makers are the sh!t though.