Friday, July 13, 2012

Toenails, Pygmies, and a Race

*Tomorrow is the Toughest 10K in Lampasas.  To say the least I am stressing and I just need to calm down.  I was looking at my monthly mileage in and around July 2011 and I am about up to that same mileage this month.

The difference this year is that I am doing strength training at Dane's.  So my core, arms, legs, are in great shape and I am a different, but better runner. 

My time last year was 45:43 and here is last year's recap.

We all have that self doubt in our heads, and after injury that voice speaks a little louder.  I just need to believe in myself and my abilities, and one thing I do know is that I am a fairly good racer.  Not as fast as some, but I don't give up and I can bring the stamina and mental strength when I need it.

One thing I am happy about it is that Erin and Jessica will be there, and if nothing else it will be good to be running with friends!

*So the last 3 days in a row our new puppy has jumped the dog fence that separates them from the entire house when we are at work.  Each day when I have got home there has been crap and pee all over the house.  She has stepped in it, and it literally has been all over the floors.  Not to mention all the paper, trash, and kids toys she has chewed in to a million pieces.  So, each day I have come home and had to spend 2 hours (I am not exaggerating on the time) cleaning, mopping, etc....It has been draining.  Each day I tried to rig something so she couldn't get over, but each day she did.  So, today I knew I couldn't take another day of cleaning so she came to work with me.  This weekend, Sean and I will have to figure something out so she can't get over it.

What makes this especially trying is that Sean brought the kids to his mom's house and they have been gone all week.  So, this was supposed to be my week to relax....and there was not much relaxing going on at the house.  Between the cleaning, my anger at her, and my anxiety during the day worrying about what she is getting in say the least I have been stressed.

*Disappointment......The other day after work I met up with some ladies for dinner.  I had some time to kill before meeting with them so I went to Barnes and Noble and got a coffee and sat down and read for awhile.  One of my favorite authors, Chuck Palahniuk has come out with a few books in the last couple years that I haven't had a chance to read so I thought this would be a perefect oppurtunity to check them out!  I grabbed Pygmy and Tell All.

Pygmy is an odd book.  It's written almost in it's own language, much like Clockwork Orange.  And I figured the more I read, the easier it would be for me to start understanding the "speak".  After a few chapters I realized that I wasn't going to get used to it, and that it was a little too graphic for me.  I am all about murder, blood, guts, and weird scenarios...Heck, Chuck P. is a little twisted to say the least!  This book was too much, and I was so disappointed!  Either I have grown up and am a little more prude (for lack of a better word), or this book was just too graphic...I don't know which one it was.

Tell All....well I read about 3 chapters and this wasn't graphic, but boy was it confusing.  I just wasn't understanding who was narrating the story...and even what the story was about.

I was SO disappointed in these two books.  They were nothing like the books I love by Chuck P. like Fight Club and Survivor!

I did read a little of the first Game of Thrones and I think I might just buy it!  We are on to the second season of the show now, and I am loving it!  The book seemed well written and perhaps it will give me a little more insight in to the characters and story.

*Earlier this week my frech press broke, so I have had to buy coffee all week.  I really hate spending money on's such a waste!  This weekend I am going to go buy a new one.

*Oh and one last thing.  So, as I am typing this one of my co-workers is trimming his fingernails...and his toenails!!!  Do you believe it??!!


  1. Just go out there and do the best you can tomorrow! There are so many variables - many out of our control - that can affect the way we race on any given day, so all we can ask of ourselves is to do our best and leave it all out on the course. Staying mentally strong is half the battle, so leave any doubt at home and go race hard. I think you will do great!

    Sorry about the puppy...brings back memories of when we got our dogs. They were housebroken but chewed EVERYTHING!!

  2. ahaha gross about the finger/toenail clipper. Does he save them? My brother's roommate would save all his toenail clippings in a mason jar. And here's another gross beagle constantly gets into the trash and has a real penchant for bathroom trash...IF you know what I mean. Gross. And for books, I (finally) read the dragon tattoo series. You have probably already read them because I think I was probably the last person on earth who hadn't read them, but if by chance you HAVEN'T read them, then I highly recommend them. Very good. Good luck on your race tomorrow. Tear it UP!!!